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VICKIETUBBS741 Posts: 107
7/26/10 3:30 P

That is great information, because i normally have to wear two sports bras to feel comfortable.

CBACH71 Posts: 943
7/25/10 5:46 P

I have Champion, Under Armour and Nike sports bras. My champion bra is the best. It's very supportive and keeps me in place when running. The Under Armour bra is not bad, but I have one that has a weird stitching in the middle of the chest (it's a v-neck bra with a seam in the middle) and it rubs me raw every time I run in it. If I'm just doing stretching or weight lifting it's alright. The Nike bras, not so good. However, I have 4 Champion bras and every one of them is great!

MINDAC20 Posts: 72
7/25/10 4:06 P

Under Armour fan here! Have two of them and they are my favorites.

FLYINGDOG147 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,582)
Posts: 177
7/25/10 1:05 P

I am also a Moving Comfort fan. They are great for high impact -- which really seems to be any cardio for those of us who are larger. I'm wearing a 34D right now. When I was larger (due to weight and pre-reduction), I liked this encapsulation Champion line that I found at a bra store. Of course, those were cotton bras, so I had major chaffing issues at the ends of long workouts. The MC bras are *perfect* for me.

PK1947 SparkPoints: (32,430)
Fitness Minutes: (27,086)
Posts: 1,469
7/25/10 9:29 A

I have tried a lot but nothing beat the ENELL bra for me. emoticon

11STONE_BRIDE Posts: 137
7/25/10 9:04 A

Thanks for the information. I need more bras so this is very useful.

7/25/10 7:45 A

Thank you, OP for asking this question! I am in dire need of a good bra to work out in. I don't have a lot up top (smallish B cup) but man, it HURTS when I jog or jump a lot during my workouts. I need my girls to sit in one place and not move. I can't continue to jog and hold them still with my hands. My kids just don't wanna see that when I work out in the living room emoticon

SHERICAN Posts: 371
7/24/10 4:03 P

Thanks for all the info!

KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
Fitness Minutes: (68,153)
Posts: 2,419
7/24/10 2:17 P

I really like my Moving Comfort Fiona bra. I got it at a running store, but I've seen them online as well. 36D runner.

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REMAREIS1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (26,436)
Posts: 568
7/24/10 1:08 P

thanks for the help, time to go shopping

MTNCLIMBER88 Posts: 1,229
7/24/10 1:08 P

I have an UnderArmor sports bra that I adore. I payed top dollar for it, but it is comfortable and supportive and doesn't chafe my underarms, which is a huge problem with my other bras. Consequently it's my running bra of choice!

BETHWYN32 Posts: 190
7/24/10 5:07 A

I wear The Last Resort bra
and then over the top for a bit more support I wear a sports top with built in support. I have no movement at all, even when doing jumping jacks.

SLYSAM SparkPoints: (43,184)
Fitness Minutes: (110,991)
Posts: 1,474
7/23/10 5:12 P

Hi Yahzee, I wear a similar size to you (34f) and my favorites so far as the "Shock Absorber level 3" (get the one meant for high impact activities) and one I have from "Glamorise" that has like 20 little hooks up the front like a corset. I am not sure what the model is called but I can run or jump rope in this with no movement at all. It does not give a good shape under a t-shirt though, but the shock absorber one does support and give good shape.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
7/23/10 3:11 P

I can't provide a review (since I'm only a 36A), but I've seen that Title Nine Sports has an extensive collection of sports bras (including some pretty hiacinth blue ones), with little barbell ratings to indicate how much support they provide, and user reviews. Title Nine also has a 365 day return policy (even for a used bra). The only cost is the return fee. Their size range isn't as extensive as some, but they generally go up to at least 40DD, with a few that go up to 42F. I like the description for the Hallelujah Bra "Behold cups that perfectly encapsulate your breast! Rejoice because they don't look like they start somewhere in the middle of your back."

7/23/10 3:11 P

I always wear a regular bra under my sports bras. This eliminates all bouncing, nipple visibility and irritation. Been doing that for years after I noticed my sports bras would lose elasticity after a while. and they can get expensive to replace! This way I can buy em cheap and use em forever.

LABBY71 Posts: 16
7/23/10 2:56 P

I bought the Danskin one a while back. I liked it so much I bought another! They have separate cups so you don't get Cyclops Boob! LOL

7/23/10 2:10 P

Considering my size, I have an oddly small ribcage, so I need something in a 34E, but can make do with a 36DD if I have to.
Thanks for the input!

7/23/10 2:01 P

I have yet to find a comfortable sports bra. I fluctuate between a 34 DD and a 32D. Needless to say, I'm very petite.

Bras either squeeze my rib cage to death, or provide the support of a normal bra with no nipple coverage.

It's really annoying. Right now I'm using a Champion compression bra, because I have to have something for dance.

7/23/10 1:52 P

I've been enjoying the Champion seemless bras from target (not sure how big busted you are, but a medium has a pretty firm grip on my full 36B/ small C). Other good experiences have been had with Underarmour, especially this one that was a single layer of "regular" sports bra and had two overlapping other layers (think of the look of a wrap dress). It's good to keep you locked, loaded, but not all smashed into a uniboob.

My worst experiences have been with Nike products

NAPPILICIOUS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 780
7/23/10 1:25 P

Moving Comfort also has a sports bra going up to 40DD. Their website is and they can be found on Ebay for a lower price.

7/23/10 1:05 P

HI... formerly a 42 DD here. Currently a 38D and I have been using ENELL sports bras and nothing has ever compared to them. The best deal I have found is off of EBAY. A lady sells them that are brand new but have minor quality defects that they couldn't be sold in stores. Stufff like... spots on them etc... nothing majorly wrong.

7/23/10 12:54 P

I am looking for an awesome sports bra. Would love to hear what other ladies are using, and which aren`t worth the money.
My dream is to find a Ta Ta Tamer from Lululemon, but the bigger cup sizes are nearly impossible to find.
I`m starting the C25K in August, help!

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