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BEMOORE68 Posts: 46
3/17/12 11:02 A

I like the new Quaker Oats mixed whole grain cereal. Has oatmeal and other things. A little higher in protein and fiber, plus it gets good and creamy.

COMPLEXFLAVOR SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 314
3/15/12 5:36 P

Sometimes I like steel cut, but sometimes I just want a regular creamy bowl of oatmeal, then I go with rolled oats. I'm pretty devoted to Trader Joe's for both varieties.

KAREN2LOSE55 Posts: 8,040
3/14/12 2:19 P

old-fashioned oatmeal.... Mmmm!

DONNARAEJ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,104)
Posts: 227
3/13/12 10:30 P

I like them both very much. You might want to check out the nutrition on the instant oats. It seems like I read that the processing required to make them instant also makes them less good for you. Hope not!

BACKAGAIN12 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (566)
Posts: 5
3/13/12 2:44 P

Steel-cut is my favorite but the quick oats from Trader Joe's in the canister are just as good in a hurry. I like to add applesauce with a bit of cinnamon to mine.

3/13/12 7:55 A

Steel cut oats are my very favorite...Had some this morning!
My new little trick (new to me any way!) is to add 1 tsp of fat free/sugar free jell-o pudding powder to my oats before cooking them. Today I had chocolate oats with fresh yummy!

KENDALL68 Posts: 72
3/13/12 7:16 A

I've never cared for oatmeal but I love mccanns steel cut. I make a single serving, add 1tsp Brummel and Brown yogurt spread and a tsp of either brown sugar or 1 oz of cheese (depending on my sweet or savory craving.

3/9/12 2:42 P

I think the best by far is the regular Quaker Oats that come in the round cardboard canisters. It's fast to cook even on the stovetop and is the ultimate comfort food. I top it with a spoonful of molasses.

CONSECRATED2GOD SparkPoints: (30,185)
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Posts: 1,098
1/29/12 10:39 P

Ooh, I love steel cut oats!! :) we like to put them in the crock pot the night before w/ plenty of water and maybe some craisins... in the morning = perfect bowls of oatmeal! :)

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
1/29/12 9:42 A

Bob Mills Steel Cut Oats. They take a while to cook.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,470
1/27/12 10:48 A

quaker oats

SUSANE53 SparkPoints: (31,517)
Fitness Minutes: (63,502)
Posts: 208
1/27/12 9:17 A

I had heard that Steel-Cut Oatmeal provided the best benefits, and so was eating that every day with a little of my favorite fruits: blueberries (fresh in-season, frozen thawed in winter), granny smith apple, left-over holiday cranberry relish, raisins, or dried cherries, etc. Made a 5 serving batch on the weekend, warm a serving every day in the microwave (25 sec. on high, stir, 25 sec. on high, covered). Problem: diverticulitis. Checked with doc - rolled oats actually provide same benefits without the pain of steel-cut. I now use Quaker Instant pkgs. - I only eat 1/2 pkg./day (warm left-over the same way). Oatmeal with fruit almost every morning. YUMMMMMMM

ZOEANAEL SparkPoints: (17,769)
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Posts: 1,392
1/22/12 8:37 P

I suggest you to go for real oat instead of buying precooked package like express or minute oatmeal (like the flavoured quaker) It takes the same time in microwave and you get a tone more fiber!!!

CANDYPRINCESS85 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 9
1/22/12 2:17 P

ohh, thanks, I will check that out!

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
1/22/12 11:25 A

Depends on your taste, time, etc.

I think steel cut tastes best (really nutty) - I haven't found a major difference in taste between brands. When I have time, it's the best option for me.

Some people like the convenience of just adding boiling water and go!

If you search the web for oatmeal 365, you'll find a blog where the author set out on a challenge to make 365 different oatmeal recipes. I say stick w things you like (add berries, nut butter and banana, cinnamon, chocolate chips, etc).

CANDYPRINCESS85 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 9
1/21/12 3:57 P

Hi, I have never eaten oatmeal, but i'm willing to give it a whirl..any ideas of what tastes the best? Brand, flavor, etc? I heard it was a good option for breakfast. Thanks!

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