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2/8/12 1:10 P

Great article. I usually follow the New Rules for Lifting. So most of the exercise are with dumbbells.

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2/8/12 12:34 P

My husband has had two knee surgeries and had to go to a follow up with his orthopedic surgeon last week. The doc said "people doing squats is job security for me" - he'll never run out of business. He gave DH a lecture about what exercises not to do - everything in this article. I appreciate the safe alternatives that have been offered!

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
2/8/12 12:28 P

My only beef with the article is it's not thorough enough (and it doesn't remind folks to LEARN PROPER FORM!) (oops, guess that's two beefs?)

In the case of deep squats (assuming you have no pre-existing joint issues) you need to make sure you're not rounding the lower back in an attempt to keep balanced when going deep. So keep your ass jutting out behind you, back flat, chest up and knees behind the toes (so weight is over the heels versus over the toes).

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
2/8/12 10:42 A

I knew most of this info. in that article but it was so nice to see it in writing. So many people do risky exercises and even some of my home dvds do them. Jillian Michaels encourages you to try to get to a point where you can do a deep squat (more than 90 degrees at the knees). It's so nice to have confirmation on what I already knew was wrong.

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2/8/12 9:35 A


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2/8/12 8:56 A

One year ago I had knee surgery and the doctor/physical therapist told me that I couldn't do leg extensions and should never do them again. The above article states why and an ALTERNATIVE!!! I'm so happy. Plus they give you pointers. Thank you Sparkpeople!

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