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1/24/13 12:37 P

.....I LOVE Richard Simmons! I feel so ridiculously silly doing his DVDs, especially when my boyfriend watches me, that I can't help but keep going and keep on trying. I'm not great with titles, but there are a few exercise DVDs out there designed for people who are beginners or can't exercise their lower half - sittercise I think is one, and Richard Simmons has one or two. I've been encouraging my parents to do these DVDs to no avail :( (both are handicapped).

But from someone who topped out at 270 pounds, you CAN do the hard parts! My tip is to do the difficult part for as long as you can (if it's only 5 of those slow motion jumping jacks, it's ok!), and while the video keeps going through the exercise, do an exercise you CAN do for the rest of the time they spend on it. Keep your heart rate up, and eventually you'll be able to do the hard parts for longer and longer until you can do it for the same time as the video.

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1/24/13 11:14 A

Leslie Sansone!

1/24/13 9:20 A

Thanks Zoritsa that is an *excellent* idea on the jumping jacks. I will try that emoticon

1/24/13 9:19 A

Thanks! I have put SEVERAL titles on hold at the library to see what I like. My mom has done the Leslie Sansone stuff and it didn't seem to help....of course I'm not sure she is sticking to it emoticon

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1/24/13 8:39 A

You can always modify some of the moves,or as something I heard on one dvd....step in place to keep moving if you can't do a part.I learned to modify my jumping jacks by keeping my legs apart and squating,while still doing the arm motion.IT HELPED!

DVD's though....The Biggest Loser.They show modified moves on a few different sections and it's easy to get through.I will warn though,you work out muscles you didn't know you had.

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1/24/13 7:13 A

I agree with other posters, Leslie Sansone dvds are good. You can try the new Coach Nicole DVD for interval training. I think it is easier than her last one, meaning I hate and cannot do Burpees. She has modifications for beginners. I would avoid Jillian, I find all her DVDs are pretty tough.
Good luck

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1/23/13 10:21 P

For an obese beginner, I would recommend one of Leslie Sansone's DVD's. She has several. On Leslie's DVD's you "walk" (march) in place ... doing some side steps, knee lifts, and kicks. In some cases, you move your arms up and down or work with a stretchy band while you "walk." Nothing is too stressful on the body and she encourages you to ease up if you need to and just walk in place until you are ready to do some of the "extra" moves again.

Another thing I would recommend you do is borrow a few DVD's from the local public library to take a look at them before spending much money. Another option is to view clips of DVD's at a site such as That site lets you view a minute or two for free to help you decide whether or not you want to buy a DVD.

Finally, if you really like a certain program, don't stop doing it just because you can't do it all. Just modify the moves a bit or simply march in place and skip any part you can't do. As time goes by and your fitness level improves, you can gradually do a little more of those tough sections. Remember, if it were easy in the beginning, you would get bored with it very quickly. The best DVD's for you are usually the ones that are a little too difficult for you at first. You "grow into them" as you do them regularly.


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1/23/13 7:45 P

Another good video is Beachbody's 10-minute Trainer Workout. Three DVD's in the set. Check Craig's List to see if you can by it used.

I've attached a link:

Good luck.

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1/23/13 6:21 P

I've heard good things about Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds. Never done the workouts myself, but I know a lot of members enjoy it.

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1/23/13 5:30 P

I'm 260 and I'm loving, loving, loving Turbo Fire! .. It's a new favorite of mine..

Also even if you can't do 45, just do as many as you can during the time frame they do 45.. and work up to it! It's not a big deal if you can't keep up.. eventually you will get it!

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1/23/13 5:26 P

The Biggest Loser Cardio Max.

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1/23/13 3:14 P

when I first started, I did p90 (*not* X, just p90);
they go over how to's for almost everything, and they give alternatives if you can't quite do ______ .
It was still a workout, but it wasn't crazy. mostly jog in place, bit of high knees, kicking and punching... introduction to some strength training and so on. I wasn't able to do the stuff at first, but doing it slow and getting the tips on proper form helped when those moves get incorporated into far harder vids later on (and they expect that you can do it).
*Still* can't do a proper push up, though somehow their pushup into upward dog I could do just fine after a bit @_@
I really need to start strength training my upper body -_-;
Anyway, you might want to youtube it and see if it works for you. Can't say I enjoyed it, as the vid itself seems a bit dated and boring after a bit, but it was a good start before moving on to the insane shenanigans ^_^

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1/23/13 3:12 P

Ya it can tough to find a balance between challenge and failure. I like DVD's where I can't realy do everything but I can do enough where I have confidence in myself that I'll get to that point.

TurboJam may be right for you. Like every DVD, they'll be some parts that are too difficult. You'll just have to modify, take more breaks, and do what you can.

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1/23/13 2:59 P

It's okay if you can't do everything. The point is to move; you do what you can, and don't do what you can't! It's find to just walk in place when you're dong a DVD when they're doing something that's just too intense. A DVD isn't going to be appropriate for everyone, you know? The key is to keep moving, and keep trying. If you have a section where you are supposed to do 45 jumping jacks, do ten, and then jog in place for the rest. :)

1/23/13 2:52 P

I am finding it hard to find something for beginners that is challenging but won't make me want to quit. I am currently 255 and have a decent amount of endurance but all the beginner DVDs I find seem to contain at least one section I can NOT do. I tried one called "countdown to gown buff brides" it's good cardio until they want you to do 45 jumping jacks in a row in *slow motion*. I swear I almost died! Any suggestions from the newbies??

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