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6/28/13 1:56 P

I'm having blister issues on one foot. The shoes are not new and I hadn't had this problem before. After reading this thread, I'm thinking that maybe it's because I need different socks. I was in a much cooler climate when I was running and walking in these shoes before. When I got the first blister, I put an insole in the shoes but it hasn't resolved the problem. I got this mornings blister after walking just over 2 miles.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,451
3/26/13 6:41 A

Different sized feet is not uncommon.

In this case, it sounds like your foot is moving within the shoe, leading to friction which is causing the blister. Definitely worth experimenting with some different lacing techniques to reduce movement within the shoe.


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3/26/13 12:39 A

Thanks very much for all your help guys!
I did get the shoes properly fitted, the problem is I have one foot that is smaller than the other, and it's this foot that's have the blister problem. But I've taken into consideration everything you've said and hopefully I'll get to the bottom of it.

Thanks again. :]

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3/25/13 6:27 P

I agree with Archimedes - using different lacing techniques can shift the pressure points on your foot.> has an even more comprehensive lacing guide to address different problems.


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3/25/13 1:32 P

Cover it with a bandaid or tape and ignore it. If it breaks on its own before draining, keep it clean. Don't pop it on your own.

Like the others say, improperly fitted shoes can cause blisters, but so sometimes can new ones that just aren't quite adapted to the shape of your foot in motion yet. (For example, I will occasionally get blisters or the beginning of blisters at the back of my heel from a new pair of shoes -- bandaids and a few days to heal and the problem never comes up again.)

If the blister's at the base of your toes it's either that your feet are moving too much in your shoes, or it's your socks bunching up.

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3/25/13 11:55 A

Blisters are caused by friction. This implies that your shoes aren't fitted properly. Are these new shoes ? Were you fitted for them at a reputable sports store ? If you just bought them because they seemed to fit okay in the store, then you may want to consider returning them if they are new. Properly fitted shoes should not cause blisters. I had a pair like that. fit right in the store, but when I started using them, they caused blisters. I couldn't return them, so I ended up donating them to the Goodwill since I really couldn't wear them.

Also, how did you tie your shoes ? Some times, improper lacing can cause the shoes to slip and cause blisters too. Oddly enough, there are different ways to lace shoes.

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3/25/13 8:51 A

Definitely stick away from cotton socks - either wool, or wicking socks work much better.

With blisters, prevention is definitely better than cure. Tape any hotspots as soon as they appear - that way the shoe rubs against the tape rather than your skin. Use medical tape rather than a band-aid - it sticks much better to sweaty feet.

If you must walk on an existing blister, drain it with a sterilized needle (just pass it briefly through a flame) to relieve the pressure, and treat with antiseptic to prevent infection, then tape over the top.

M@L (regular hiker and backpacker)

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3/25/13 8:42 A

Were you fitted for your shoes at a specialty running/walking store? How long have you had the shoes? Shoes that don't fit properly can give you all kinds of problems, including blisters. Always wear socks made of a wicking material, instead of cotton which holds in moisture.

Coach Jen

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3/25/13 8:12 A

Cover it with plaster and watch that there doesn't go infection in it..

If shoes fit perfectly blisters should never happen, the only times I have ever had them is when wearing the wrong type of shoe for my feet. When I started getting them fitted in a sport shop never suffered from them again even with my longest trips.

Also socks if they are to large, don't fit snug or don't absorb sweat well enough they can also make blisters and hard skin..

The wrong toe box shape can cause ingrown toe nails, and at worse runners nails that go black and fall off because of constant trauma from being rammed into the toe of the shoes..

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3/25/13 5:17 A

I've had a nasty blister show up today. I could feel a bit of rubbing yesterday when I went for a very lengthy walk and them it finally reared it's ugly head after an hour long walk today. I obviously want to get back out there tomorrow so what's the best way to deal with a blister? And what could be causing them?

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