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Have you tried SPANX ? There are lots of women who wear them for a bit of extra control. There are different brands of panties that offer light or heavy support. I think a pair of SPANX will be more appropriate than a shirt with lycra. Shirts do ride up when you start doing burpees. LOL !

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You may find more success with some looser fitting shirts rather than ones that try to compress it. I don't have much of a pooch and I still find compression shirts a PITA for anything other than running for the exact reasons you describe. I'm not saying go out and buy shirts two sizes too large, just ones that fit like a polo shirt or normal t-shirt would.

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I have an issue and I need some help/advice!

I recently started CrossFitting a few months ago. I have a bodily issue that heavily interferes with my workout results!

I've got a bit of a belly or pooch and I'm extremely self conscience about it. I've tried several types of tighter clothing to aid in keeping it under wraps and under control, but all of the jumping and lifting in CF makes my shirts hike or roll up over my belly! I will actually stop during my timed WOD to tuck my shirt back into my pants just to conceal my belly, only to have it roll up after lifting the bar over my head a couple more times, rinse and repeat.

Please don't say not to worry about it, nobody is watching or nobody cares about your belly showing. I understand that, I am fully aware of that. But that will not stop me from doing anything I can to cover it up. I need some ideas on types of clothing that will support and keep my belly covered during movement without hindering my ability to move!

Please and thank you!

Fat CrossFitter

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