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8/9/13 3:49 P

I used to get a lot of bloating. It got to the point where it was happening nearly every single day, and it was enough to make me uncomfortable while lying down and interfere with my sleep. I'm not sure specifically what's caused that to stop, but since I started Sparking again in May it's almost completely disappeared.

I cut out fast food (which I'd been eating for lunch 5-7 days a week) and potato chips, mostly, and added more fruits, veggies, and yogurt in their place. I don't actively track my sodium, but I do try to avoid having more than one high-sodium meal in a day. I try to eat whole grains if I eat them at all. I still eat at restaurants sometimes and allow myself a "cheat" day or meal once (or twice) a week if I want it, but the bloat hasn't come back. That's actually probably the single result from my weight loss journey that I'm most happy about, and it's my biggest incentive to continue eating healthy in the future.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
8/9/13 3:18 P

I notice when eating potato chips or other not so good foods for me, my bloat is noticeable!

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
8/9/13 12:45 P

It could be a digestive intolerance. I kind of accidentally discovered that I had a dairy intolerance. I was at the end of my rope and cut out cheese (which had been a major food source for me) and my persistent bloat went way down. Now I eat cheese more rarely and take an enzyme when I'm going to eat it. It helped a lot.

SONICB Posts: 4,381
8/9/13 12:38 P

Sometimes belly bloat is caused by dehydration because your body thinks it needs to hold onto water. So make sure you're staying hydrated! But other than sodium, it could also be caused by air you swallow from chewing too much (e.g. chewing gum), drinking carbonated beverages, or eating too many raw veggies, cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)--they tend to produce gas in your intestines. Eating them cooked will help lessen the effect.

For some people, bloat could be due to a slight gluten intolerance.

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8/9/13 11:19 A

Thanks Anarie. I'm not so much concerned about it as annoyed by it and was just wondering if there was anything that I could do to control it, especially around occasions when you want to look and feel your best.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
8/9/13 11:13 A

If it doesn't hurt, it's nothing. It's gas or water or the phase of the moon, and it's normal. Bodies change shape with the weather and things that you eat, and as long as it isn't causing pain or discomfort, it's just life and nothing to worry about.

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
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8/9/13 11:05 A

What the heck causes it and what can I eat to try and decrease it? I haven't really noticed it so much before, but now that my belly has started to actually shrink a bit, I notice that some days it is much bigger than others and I try to watch my sodium intake. What else could it be?

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