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8/29/13 7:19 A

Thanks Brian i apprciate your logic on this. I will definatly use this too.
Thanks so much

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8/28/13 12:54 P

My thinking on these types of things are that any recommendation in a diet book is subject to interpretation. I personally think eating smaller meals more frequently is terrific and has worked for me.. That being said it doesn't fit into everyone's lives and it doesn't have to be every three hours.

Any diet is a framework to put you on your way. Absorb the information and if something doesn't work you don't have to throw out the entire program, just adjust it as it makes sense. If you come to a point where more of the program doesn't work for you than does, that is OK too. There are lots of them out there. Keep looking for the right answers..

8/28/13 9:49 A

Thanks so much for your help and answering my post. I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

also read the article eat more and lose more and it was very interesting and helpful.

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8/28/13 9:30 A

There is no medical reason to eat every three hours, unless you have special needs. This Chris Powell seems to be coming up a lot lately, and I am not impressed with his recommendations.

Your body isn't a clock, and there's actually evidence now that the old "eat frequent small meals" advice is antiquated.

You won't sabotage your efforts simply by eating less often or waiting a while after waking up. Our bodies don't care what time it is.

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8/28/13 9:21 A

If you aren't hungry to eat every 3 hours, then don't.

You can tweak any meal plan to fit your needs. Even if you only eat something small like an apple in your car on the way to work and eat breakfast at work,you're still getting something in you early after waking up.

If you have that long of a commute home, then take some trail mix or something that will hold you over to eat in the car or right before you leave work.

8/27/13 9:38 P

I just bought the book choose to lose more (2nd book) and want to start the plan but have questions.

1) Do I really have to stick to eating exactly every three hours?
2) do I have to eat exactly within a half hour from waking?
3) can I use hungry girl recipes?

I ask these questions because I get up at 4:30-4:45am leaving the house between 5:30-5:45 and commute for a little over an hour. I get to work about 7-715 and start work at 8am.
I can manage eating or drinking my first meal but it's easier on way to work.

Second problem is if I start spacing my meals three hours apart, beginning at let's say 5-530 am, my fifth meal will be at 12 hours from the first at 5-530pm. At this time, I am still commuting home which can be a two hour venture. i sometimes don't get home till 530-6pm then i can prep dinner. I can't exactly time my meals as exactly as Chis Powell recommends in the book.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work when I start this plan?
I really want this to work for me and want this to be my last diet.
I really want to Follow this the way it is supposed to be to make it work.
Any help would be great!!!!!

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