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10/18/12 9:25 P

First off, congratulations on taking the first big step by joining Sparks. I would just like to add that along with the exercise, diet is very important. I've found that by watching the types of food you eat, that watching the amount you eat is also very important.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/17/12 3:28 P

welcome to sparks...........use that treadmill as it will be your best friend. Start with a 5 minute workout at the speed of 2 and see how you do. You will know if you can do any more. Dancing around the house is a good thing too. Any thing you can do to keep moving is a good thing. Just remember that it is 80% about nutrition 10% about working out and the other 10% is genetics. Good luck in this. You can do this.............!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/17/12 2:26 P

Start small, doing something you like. Do you like walking on your treadmill? Do that. If you have it in the right spot, you can do it while watching a favorite show. I've found that helps keep me going sometimes. Would could also listen to a podcast or favorite book on tape.

The videos here on SP are great, too. I would also highly suggest that you start some strength training now. I won't give my typically get into the free weights and lift heavy advice since you're just starting out, but you can get some resistance bands at Walmart for fairly cheap and get some good ST in that way.

The biggest thing, for me anyway, was working out consistently. What worked forme was to find a time and make it a habit, working out at the same time every day. For me, it's in the morning before work, for you it may be different, but don't leave it up to chance or "fitting it in" that day. Having scheduled, bona fide "this is MY WORKOUT TIME" time is key, at least for me.

Also, read, read, read here. Weight loss is 80% nutrition. Set up your trackers to figure out your calorie ranges. Start tracking your food. You cannot lose, no matter how much you exercise, if your diet is not in check. You can do this! You have a big goal, so break it down into smaller goals to make it seem less daunting, if it starts to seem like "too much". It's awesome that you're taking this first step to take care of yourself! Welcome and good luck on your journey!

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10/17/12 2:00 P

I am cleared to exercise. The doctor just told me to listen to my body if it hurts, try it another way, if it still hurts dont do it.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
10/17/12 12:14 P

I did the 28 Day Bootcamp when I first started Spark. You do a 10 minute exercise video per day plus other cardio. It's a great way to get started!

Are you cleared by your doctor to start exercising? That's the very first step, I think.

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10/17/12 11:27 A

I've been poking around looking at things. I'm not quite ready to exercise in public yet but have been spending time on my treadmill, chasing my kids around the yard, and dancing like a crazy woman as I clean!

SMRDER1971 Posts: 537
10/17/12 11:22 A

There are a lot of good fitness videos right here on Spark. I do some of the chair exercises. I haven't been doing anything and am trying to start small. Today in the bathroom I did 10 squats, 10 lunges, arm circles and I twist. This lasted about 4 minutes. I don't take my two 15 minute breaks I'm allowed so I am taking them in smaller segments. I warn them if I am gone too long to come and check on me. I have a WII I need to start using it. I like sometimes to dance to music but my foot hurts right now and it hurts just to do normal walking. Good Luck on your journey to become healthier.

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10/17/12 11:16 A

Hi! Just joined yesterday, starting on my quest to lose the weight get back in shape and find me again! I've been fairly sedentary the last few years, stay at home mom with 2 kids. I wont get into too many details here but I'm hoping to shed 150lbs in the next 2.5 years. Most of my fat is in my butt and belly. I have a treadmill but no other home equipment. Any suggestions on a workout that I can do to start?

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