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The simpliest solution is to track calories and calories out. Make sure what goes in is about 500 calories a day less than what you burn in total (there's a way to figure that out but honestly if you just use the trackers here it will do all the math for you and saves you a lot of time). If you under eat you will stop losing weight and obviously if you overeat you'll gain weight.

Add in some strength training and that will help you burn more calories when you're resting (sleeping, sitting). At some point you will hit a plateau because your fat is turning into muscle and for a bit that will seem like you're not making any progress but if you keep a close eye on more than just the scale you'll notice your clothes are still getting bigger on you. This transition can get frustrating but trust me...after you're through it you burn more fat than before.

Being consistent is a huge part of weight loss, so is being realistic. If you are eating a special way to lose the weight but you know you don't want to eat that way the rest of your life - you'll never stick with it. For things that you shouldn't eat but you can't live without, minimize your exposure to it, cut back how frequent you eat it, and cut back the portion size of it when you do have it.

Something I like to tell new members - It's not about being perfect, it's about being better than yesterday. If weight loss was easy, no one would be overweight =] Don't stress when you slip up, but don't allow yourself to keep slipping up the rest of the day because you already slipped up. Just pick yourself up and look back at how far you've come. You're better than you were a month ago or even a week ago. Continue to make steps towards the future you that you want to be and you will keep getting closer and closer =]

Good luck!! If you need a supportive friend - feel free to message me =]

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Hello, my name is Lisa and im having challwnges with m weight. I am 196 with a frame of 5'5...Can someone please tell me how to loose my stomach. I do depress eat

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