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5/20/13 10:18 A

Well, this is my third try at it. It is so hard to keep motivated, to keep working out, to keep tracking...sigh. However, the good thing is that I have maintained the same weight for the past two months--up and down, up0 and down---feel like a yo yo!

I would love to meet someone who lives near Livonia, Michigan just to have a person to collaborate with!

ARIESBEC Posts: 198
5/20/13 9:35 A

Today is my start over date as well. I have started and stopped so many times over the last few years that I cant count them all. I have a little more motivation this time...I have to be in a wedding in a few months and I dont want to look like this in the pictures. Good luck and know you arent the only one!!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/20/13 9:30 A

First, I think that you are awesome for starting over!!!

I'm not sure who the person is that isn't really there for you, but you need to not rely on them.

I blogged about something like this before.

I think that weight loss is so personal, and it isn't easy. Lots of people keep it more of a secret. I know that except from my husband (impossible to change food and have him watch a baby while I workout without telling him I'm doing it!!!) When people started to notice the losses, then I admitted that I am eating right and exercising.

If you have to keep it to yourself for a while, do. Or just keep it from that person.

I get a lot of motivation from my husband, but also, from here at SP!!!

I finally realized something recently. I've had to restart so many times.

I don't think I will this time. This is NOT to say that I haven't and won't screw up again. However, I really have committed to making this a lifestyle change! I mean, I plan on working out and eating right like this for the rest of my life. I don't want it to be different. Sure, sometimes I really crave the crap, but I usually get past it. I have FINALLY gotten to the point where when I do screw up, I realize that it was one time, and I will start over the very next day.

You can do this!

VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 2,655
5/20/13 7:53 A

You're not setting yourself up for failure if you know you have the power to begin again!

Way to go on recognizing those in your life who will not be a motivator for success. Use this experience with that person to know not only who you need to not rely on - but also as an example of how you don't want to be to others. It's great to be motivated by those you love - but also be their motivation as you go through your journey!

I too am starting out fresh today, and have several times in the past. Don't beat yourself up - just keep coming back, keep putting the work in, and use your friends here and IRL to make the change you want to be!

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5/20/13 5:01 A

When I started my weight loss, I had hoped I wouldn't set myself up for failure. Somehow, I managed to do just that. In my circle of influence I have someone who brings me down emotionally and I tend to turn to food when that happens and it happens quite frequently. Although they tell me they are behind me 100%, that's only when it suits them.
So today, I will Being Again and do what I need to do for myself instead of putting my hopes and dreams in someone who does not believe in me. And further more, due to their own issues cannot believe in themselves.
I can, I will, I must!

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