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8/6/11 9:07 P

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your comments and help. :)

I ended up caving, and having a few chocolate bars. *sigh* But they made me feel really ill, so that wasn't such a bad thing. I was thirsty, craved vegetables, and had migraines for days. So, it's back to healthier eating for me. And I think that if I want chocolate, I'll do as some of you have suggested, and have a small serving of the good stuff.

Thanks so much!

8/6/11 12:51 A

Instead of not eating it at all, try having 1 pc of dark chocolate (good for you chocolate) a night to satisfy your cravings. Having dark chocolate is a better choice than the candy bars. This way, you'll not only satisfy your craving, but you'll also be doing something healthy.

Dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant, which is great for your heart. It helps to reduce blood pressure, prevent & protect against heart disease and reduce the risk of heart attacks or stroke. It also boosts brain levels of serotonin and it contains phenethylamine, which triggers the release of pleasurable endorphins.

Milk chocolate, on the other hand, contains added butterfat which can raise blood cholesterol levels. It has less antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals than dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is also healthier because it has less added sugar.

So, not only is a daily piece of dark chocolate good for your health, you can feel good about eating it.

I believe that you can't limit all "bad" foods or take them out completely. Having something I crave in a small amount once a week or so is fine as long as I don't overdo it. If you happen to overdo it, then just get back to your healthy habits right after rather than giving in for the rest of the day, weekend, week, etc. A healthy eating lifestyle is a lifetime goal. You can also incorporate foods you like in a healthier way.

Don't beat yourself up. We all slip up sometimes. Getting back on track is what counts.

Hope this helps. =]

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8/5/11 7:11 A

This is something I've had problems with for a while. I'm starting to learn now though that listening to your body is always the best option. If you're really really craving something, its inevitable that you will eat it 90% of the time. Its better to eat a small amount when you first want it rather than saying no then eating tonnes of it hours or even days later. Good luck! emoticon

DWELLS1994 Posts: 1,664
8/4/11 10:25 P

You might want to check this article out...

JAYSWIFE2007 Posts: 22
8/4/11 7:25 P

I'm with the other ladies. When I crave chocolate, I eat it, but just enough to fix the craving. I actually have my hubby hide it. When I NEED it, I tell him and he gives me a single serving :) I wish you luck. Don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day.

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8/4/11 5:29 P

My advice is to limit, but not cut out chocolate from your diet.
Don't keep any in the house, if possible.

If you decide you really want some,
- walk to the shop
- buy a small portion
- walk home again without opening it
- when you get home get a plate, & a cup of tea or whatever
- sit down and the table and savour every bit

I feel that you are unlikely to walk back to the shop for more (but if you do, repeat all steps)

8/4/11 5:17 P

I do find myself craving certain foods sometimes. I don't try to resist. I just listen to myself.

If I am craving chocolate, I listen to my body. Is it telling me I am stressed, is it telling me that my hormones are changing, what is it really saying? I figure that out first.

Second, before my craving has a chance to get out of control, I indulge it in a sensible way. If I really want chocolate, I have some - a single serving, accounted for in my tracker.

The moment I tell myself, "You can't have that," is the moment that I set myself up to fail because I tend to want things I can't have. Now I look at it like this: There are no foods that are off limits to me. Instead of saying to myself, "You can't have that," I say, "I can have that if I want it and I am in control of how much I have and when."

A lot of times, when I tell myself, "I can eat that if I want it," then I don't want it so much.

Chocolate can have a place in a healthy lifestyle, just watch the portions and think about moderation.

8/4/11 4:35 P


I've been doing well for a month, and have lost 13.5 lbs. I've been under financial stress recently, though, and found myself craving chocolate. I slept on it for three days, but finally caved today and ate 3 chocolate bars! I know it's not all or nothing, and that I can focus on my success and begin again in the morning. But what if I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself and don't get back to it?

I'm losing my taste for greens, and feeling like forgetting about the diet. :( But unless I lose weight, I'm not able to safely get pregnant, and I don't feel healthy at this weight.

What should I do to get out of this rut? I'm a smart woman. Why in the hay am I doing this to myself?

Thanks in advance for your tips and/or support.

P.S. I tried the 'trick' of satisfying my chocolate craving by making low-fat hot cocoa with Splenda last night. Didn't work. I just wanted real chocolate and couldn't think of anything but.

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