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9/23/13 2:21 P

Maybe you should tell him exactly what you think of a man that would cheat on his wife and daughter and gamble away money he could be putting away for his own daughters education.

Any man that would cheat on his WIFE....whom he took vows with and promised to love and scum. Educated or Not, Career orientated or or poor.....SCUM.

I would be so less forgiving than you.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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9/21/13 2:02 P

Never base your self worth on the words of a gambler & a cheater.
His comment is bizarre. Perhaps he is trying to deflect from his own inadequacies?

One more thing: a college degree doesn't necessarily impart wisdom. Some of the wisest people I know do not have college degrees.

Hope you had a good race today!

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9/21/13 7:58 A

Good for you! emoticon

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9/20/13 9:17 P

Hi everyone.... ThAnk you for the kind words. I am planning on talking about this in our the therapy this week. His words have greatly hurt even though deep down inside I know this is not true . Just hard to believe that the my at swears to love you in good and bad can say such a thing. Tomoorw I have 5k race and Plan on running it super hard . Going to get my frustration out :-)

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9/20/13 6:41 P

Cut your losses and find someone who deserves a special person like you.

JESY187 SparkPoints: (5,589)
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9/20/13 12:55 P

Ignore him, what an ignorant comment to make. Whatever his motivation for saying such a hurtful and WRONG thing, that's not your problem. Forgive yourself for eating the cupcakes. You had a bad day, it happens. Focus on yourself and having a beautiful day.

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9/20/13 10:20 A


You should inform your husband that the richest man in the world went to Harvard for one year. He dropped out. I was always taught that having an educated would get a person out of poverty. And I still encourage people (of all ages) to get an education or finish theirs.

Just because you didn't finish your college doesn't make you a failure !! I can't tell you how many phd are out there driving taxis because they can't find work in their fields. the fact is, Snookie made more money for a speaking engagement at Rutgets than Maya Angelou aka nobel winning poet. That's true. That was in the news.

So, your husbands statement bears NO WEIGHT as far as I am concerned. there are many different ways to be successful that don't involve a degree of some kind. There really are plenty of failure with masters/phds. His words were meant to hurt you, that's why you can't take them personally. You know you're a successful MOM and that's what matters !!!

He's just being an insensitive lout.

Stay strong for yourself and your daughter !! And it really is never too late to continue your education. Many many people go back in later life to pursue whatever passion they have. But, get your degree for yourself, not your hubby.

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DARCYBLUE Posts: 300
9/19/13 9:31 P

It hard giving advice on relationship problem while at the same time trying to lose weight.continue with therapy. To me it sound like he trying pull guilt trip because he not sharing full responsibities ( volley ball and master) while you left raising your daughter by your self ; diet wise take baby step to get back to eating healthy;you can only do this for only yourself not how hubby feels. emoticon

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9/19/13 7:43 P

So I haven't posted or been on here for a while. I have taken a step back at trying to lose more weight was going a little more stir crazy so decided to just run and eat as healthy as possible and not worry about numbers......things at home have been up and down . Over the summer I have spent a good amount of time training for a sub 20 min 5k the race is on sat. My husband and I have been in therapy for nearly a year (long story) but I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two yrs ago....he cheated , my sister died and he starting gambling all this has happened in the last two years. We we have been slowly working on things and finally it came out on Tuesday that his words " I am failure because I didn't finish college and don't have a career " though I raise our daughter all by myself while he is out playing volleyball twice a week and taking a class for his masters a night a week. Well to make matters worse i am Ina taper for my race on sat and am so depressed that husband feels this way that I have done no excerise and ate 6 homemade cupcakes today and six yesterday. All I want to do is hide under my's stings that my husband thinks this of me.....I just am lost right now.....competely lost

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