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7/7/14 5:29 A

Gratefully, I don't have that problem! emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,026
7/3/14 12:57 A

This doesn't sound nice but it works for me. I can eat long as I don't swallow it. That simple. I know that ALL I want is the TASTE. It is that simple. I want the TASTE of the ice cream or that donut (always sugary, never hard boiled eggs as Dr. Atkins would say). So I take the food in the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror so I can talk to myself about WHY I think I have to have this food (maybe potato chips) and I take a bite and chew. When I'm ready to swallow, I spit it in the sink. I take another bite, etc. (Dr. Phil says a craving only last for 10 minutes) so when I know I'm through I flush the rest of the food down the commode and clean the sink, brush my teeth so my mouth is clean and then go drink lemon water to kill the sugar.
Then I don't have that voice "Harriet" in my head telling me "Oh, see you ate that and now you will gain, blah, blah, blah." No, I didn't eat it and YES, I know it doesn't sound nice, but it works.

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DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/2/14 8:48 A

According to this article, in terms of body chemistry, a calorie is a calorie no matter when you eat it. So, it doesn't matter if you eat at 2 am or 2 pm.

I personally find as a matter of discipline that it helps me to decide that the kitchen is CLOSED at a certain times of day/evening, so I don't go in and mow down my food.

I also find in the evening that doing oral hygiene (brush teeth, floss, mouthwash) at the time I want to be done eating for the day helps me stay out of the kitchen. Who wants to ruin that clean fresh taste with food crumbs?

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7/1/14 11:55 P

Thanks for this topic and posts! A great question. It seems that this is my biggest downfall as well. But even right now when I am craving a huge sugar cookie... I am drinking my water.

I know that keeping busy always helps me from eating... but sometimes being busy is what causes me to eat the unhealthy "vending machine" foods. Sounds like I need to plan more in advance huh?

Also, if you don't mind me asking another question on your topic... Is it true that you aren't supposed to eat after a certain time of night? Or is this just a myth?

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
7/1/14 10:17 P

Try thinking of non-food rewards to help you de-stress at the end of the day. Take a relaxing bath, take a whole hour to read a book, play a video game, take up a hobby that requires detail work, using your hands, and making small purchases for the next project.

If you can get something besides junk food or heavy calorie food into the association of reward/destress so that you aren't automatically going for it when you need a pick-me-up, that will help.

Oh - you could become a tea expert! Tea has very few calories, it can be very flavorful, and there is a whole process of boiling the water, pouring and steeping the tea, using cute little teacups and saucers, that can be relaxing for some folks. Just go easy on the sugar and cream!

L-RIOT Posts: 349
7/1/14 9:23 P

When you get a craving, go for water. Or water with lemon/lime juice. Get up and go for a walk then have a healthy snack when you get home. Stay focused and you'll be happy.

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7/1/14 7:37 P

You are right CSROBERTSON621. I have pretty much depleted my junk food in the house. It makes it easier to stay on track. When nothing is right there to snack on, it gives me more time to realize, "I'm bored". Step in the right direction....

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6/30/14 10:10 P

I won't say I've conquered the stress/emotional eating habit, but have definitely managed to get it mostly under control.

One big thing you can do is purge your house of the treats and binge foods -- avoiding the temptation in the first place is tremendously helpful. Do plan to have a healthy (or at least calorie controlled) evening snack every evening that you actually enjoy, so you don't feel totally deprived but don't wreck your diet either. (I liked apple slices with honey-sweetened light Greek yogurt, among other fruit-based treats, but choose something that appeals to you.) For a long time I avoided all candy, "real" desserts, and other rich foods because I needed to break the spell they had over me, but now can I allow myself a "real" treat every now and then, but always planned for and not too frequently so it doesn't become a habit again.

I also tend to have snacking urges in the office (and how!) that used to send me running for the vending machine or the bakery downstairs, so I brought my own snacks with me instead -- again, you should go with what appeals to you, but I go for something relatively filling like carrots and some hummus, for example.

I have noticed that processed treats (both sweet and salty) have a particularly strong effect on me -- they always make me want to eat more and more, which is of course exactly what many of them are specifically manufactured to do. They may or may not have the same effect on you, but one thing about training yourself to appreciate whole foods is that they can satisfy your hunger WITHOUT triggering an artificial "need" to eat more.

One more thing you can try is regularly logging your food. I find that when I am not logging regularly, my mental math tends to get "fuzzier" and I underestimate how many calories I'm really eating -- but my body is of course not fooled by this, so the scale starts to show it before long. Those evening refrigerator raids become somehow less appealing when you realize what they are doing to your calorie budget for the day -- or at least it works that way for me.

Good luck!

NJMUSE15 SparkPoints: (2,105)
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6/30/14 8:59 P

Hi all,

One of my biggest weaknesses is boredom snacking (OK, sometimes binging) in the evenings. I also like to reward myself with special junk food treats or often feel like I deserve a double dessert after a stressful day. For those of you who have beat this problem, what are your tips and advice? Thanks.

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