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11/10/11 7:26 A

I have been there done that, who hasn't? But don't let your negative emotions derail you. Don't make one bad day become 2 or 3. It is all about the accumulation of good days not bad ones. Keep your goal in mind and consider yourself successful if you can hope right back on the wagon!

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11/9/11 11:49 P

HEY! It's okay! Don't beat yourself up! And never try to make yourself puke again! It's a sick thing to do and it can easily become a sick habit that can very hard to stop, and can have long term complications. Trust me, I'm in the health field and see enough bulimics to say this.

We ALL binge here and there!!!! It's part of being human! We are not perfect and no one is, even if it appears that way, NO ONE is perfect and we ALL make mistakes. The most important thing is, GET BACK ON THE SADDLE, don't look back, and MOVE ON. Water under the bridge!

I just binged this morning on cookie dough - probably half the bowl. I felt terrible afterwards because I had worked out and ate a healthy breakfast. But heck, we all do this and I made sure I ate an ok lunch and dinner.

To prevent yourself from binging, make sure you are satiated. Eat protein rich meals, with plenty of snacking in between on veggies and fruits. If you are undereating, or skipping meals, or eating below 1200 calories/day, you ARE setting yourself up for binging episodes, becuase you are starving and will eat anything in sight.

You just had too much candy. That is all. You will put it behind you, make a sensible choice for dinner, and move on.


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11/9/11 10:57 P

Oh Honey! Big internet hug for you!
Relax - deep breath. STOP punishing yourself. You are being waaaay to hard on yourself. You did not rob a bank; you are not an ax murderer: you ate some chocolate (perspective).

You didn't even consume 3500 calories worth.

So relax. One thing I finally "get" this time around (thanks to Spark) is it has to be sane in order to be sustainable. A world w/out chocolate is not sane (to most of us... especially at that time of month). So you ate a bit more than you would have liked. Log it, learn from it and move on!

Now, about that other thing....would you advise your daughter / sister / friend to treat themselves this way? No? Then treat yourself just as kind and compassionately as you deserve no less.

Deep breath; be kind, now go forth & spark like you know you can.

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11/9/11 7:52 P

I'm so sorry you're going through this right now. You don't deserve to beat yourself up due to having a weakness for chocolate.

Stuff happens, and you're still going through the process of making positive changes. Take this as an opportunity to learn and grow from it.

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11/9/11 6:24 P

I had kinda the same situation, i didn't try to make myself throw up (although i've thought of it before) but today i ate a bunch of mini reese peanut butter cups. i just can't seem to help myself when it comes to them.

the only thing that i try to do is just move on. i try not to let it effect my routines that i'm trying to get myself into, there's no point in beating yourself up over it, it's over, it's done. just move on and try to stay on/get back on track!

however if anyone has any tips for how to deal with something you can't help yourself over... mmmm reeses... that would be greatly appreciated!

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11/9/11 6:07 P

I've been finding myself in a rut lately where I am not thinking before I put stuff in my mouth. Today I hit an all time low for myself. While at work, in the printing room, there was a bowl of fun size Halloween candies. What a tease!! (Not to mention its that time of the month and I am especially weak for chocolate). But instead of just one piece, I ended up stuffing a herseys bar, almond joy, 2 whoppers, heath bar, and reese cup. I was so ashamed after I realized what I had just ate. Feeling regret, I did something I never EVER thought I would do. I went to the bathroom and shoved my fingers down my throat in attempt to make myself puke. I failed at the attempt but ended up feeling even worse about myself. Now I'm sitting at home in tears, afraid to eat my next meal because I lack self control. I need help :(

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