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EMMYERS76 SparkPoints: (10,444)
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5/30/13 3:26 P

That is super awesome...congrats on making your goal

DOUGLASMB SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/13 12:05 P

Thank you... and I feel so much better too

5/29/13 11:19 A

Incredible! Loved the video. Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great!


DOUGLASMB SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/13 10:41 A

thank you :)

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
5/29/13 10:35 A

WOW! What a cool idea!!! Congrats on your results, and thanks for sharing.

DOUGLASMB SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/13 9:05 A

Thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed !

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/29/13 9:02 A

I absolutely loved it! How clever and memorable. Congratulations on your weight loss success! Whoo Hoo you look greeeaaattt!

DOUGLASMB SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/13 8:47 A

ok I thought I would share this with you guys...

May of last year I decided that I wanted to get creative with my weight loss... I decided that I was not going to shave my beard until I lost a total of 45 lbs. that I would take pictures here and there a couple times a week to document the growth and then when I finally hit that magic number I would shave and the results that had been hidden would be awesome!!

Well it took me a lot longer than I planned, all of you know how life just gets in the way of weight loss. My son having heart surgery, a death in the family, birthdays, holidays, football season, and every other excuse I can come up with either valid or not... my thought was this will take me 6 months... a bit over a year later and I did it... lol

so for fun I did a video, I have gotten a ton of feedback, the pictures move to fast, the first half of the video I only look to one direction... I had never done anything like this and I had no idea when I took the pictures I would be making a video lol so you have to bare with me lol but throwing halloween in there... my cats... some creativity with the beard... and some odd faces lol it is mildly amusing I think lol so if you want to see what I did check it out :) we had over 30 people show up for the "big shave" in support of me getting rid of this mess lol

Enjoy... and tell me what you think...

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