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GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,779
11/17/12 9:22 P

If you up the amount of fiber you are getting, be sure to drink plenty of water. My Dr. told me I need 25-30 g fiber per day for a medical reason. It is best to work up to those numbers gradually.

I do find fiber helps decrease my appetite. And I use Beano and GasX as needed. No need to stop the fiber, just ease into it.

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11/17/12 9:01 P

Well beans are good for one thing and that is the cowboys use them for bubble bath. They cook them, eat them and wait one hour. LOL

SKYWATCHER6 Posts: 633
11/17/12 8:38 P

yes, I also use fiber to reduce appetite. I often have days where we have lots and lots of veggies and this really does reduce hunger. The beans were just too much obviously, and my body reacted badly. It is about 6 days since my cooking (and eating) error and my insides still feel like I am bruised. It feels like a major flareup of IBS which I have had most of my life but which has been under control for a long time. I am sticking to broth and veggie soups, yogourt, soft boiled eggs and such to baby my tum for the time being.

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11/17/12 1:32 P

Getting stuffed with a lot of fiber usually results in a lack of appetite. Did that also happen? This is my favorite strategy to stay full actually.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
11/17/12 1:14 P

That feeling of having a brick inside - too much fiber for you too fast, it sounds like. Your husband didn't have the problem. He may have eaten less of the pigeon peas - or he just normally eats more fiber in his diet. Drink your liquids and this will work its way out of your system. Pigeon peas in themselves are not terrible - I buy them canned and can easily eat a can's worth in a day. They are very tasty.

SKYWATCHER6 Posts: 633
11/16/12 8:15 A

Beware the perils of beans! In my case it is pigeon peas. I was making lentil soup and inadvertantly used pigeon peas without realizing it (nothing like looking at the label is there?). After cooking for a couple of hours they had softened, but after we ate a bowl, which tasted very good, I felt like I had a large brick inside of me (my husband had no problem). The horrible feeling lasted 2 whole days and nights and even a few days later I am not yet feeling quite normal. I am sure that if I had intended to use the beans and soaked them overnight I probably wouldn't have had such ill effects, but now I'm just a little turned off of pigeon peas and frankly it may be a while before I attempt my lentil soup recipe again too.
One of those live and learn situations!

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