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10/4/11 12:54 P

When I'm away from a computer for a weekend, and can't track, it is harder, but I'm doing pretty well at gauging my hunger and eating to satisfaction now.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
10/4/11 10:43 A

Your hunger is supposed to go down as your calories go up because you've eaten. If this ever happens again, maybe tracking on paper would help for the weekend.

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10/4/11 8:34 A

I think i'm similar to you in that I need to track my food to stay on top of things so always have a back-up method of tracking such as a little notebook and pen and that I always carry in my bag as I sometimes don't have internet access to deter me from having too many treats. Also it was one weekend and you were eating healthy so don't stress about it too much.

JENNI_X Posts: 238
10/4/11 5:56 A

I have to admit that the only way for me is the plan all the main meals ahead for the whole week and then think of snacks. Otherwise I would eat too much. I have also realised that in the past my weight loss stopped on the day I stopped tracking what I eat. Once I have reached my goal, I can start thinking of maintaining my weight without any tools.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
10/3/11 9:08 P

I agree that a per meal calorie amount is a good way to go. I may not always be strict with it but breakfast and lunch are about 300 each and then dinner is around 500 That leaves room for snacks.

Today I tried just eating when hungry but only eating healthy foods....I'm under calories, so I'll have to make sure to eat more tomorrow (esp since I just bumped up my calories since I think the goal I set made my range too low compared to my bmr)

You should play around with what works for you so that you can learn how to eat healthy with the right amount of food....i don't know about you but I simply cant stand having to log food for long periods of time (which is why I am seeing how I eat when not planning so I can just eat healthy and not worry with counting it all)

10/3/11 7:29 P

That's not a problem I have but then I have a calorie limit per meal which makes not tracking easier. One meal isn't dependent upon the others for the day to come out balanced. Maybe that perspective (having a per meal calorie limit vs a per day limit) might be easier for you too?

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10/3/11 6:46 P

My computer went out of commission this last weekend and I could not stay on track, thankfully I ate healthy, just too much of it. I knew I was eating too much, but without being accountable to my nutrtition tracker, I couldn't stick to it, it was almost like my hunger goes down as my number of calories go up on my tracker . Believe me, I wanted to track all weekend and it was killing me that I couldn't! Does that happen to anyone else or am I just weird?

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