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7/15/13 8:47 A

I think the take-away message is this.....
If you are using flax seed in amounts considered "medicinal" then you should be checking with your doctor as you would every medication you are taking. People often think that these type complementary medicine treatments are completely safe because they come from natural sources---herbs, seeds, bark, roots, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. If using alternative medicine treatments, supplements, etc...."Always" talk to your doctor prior to using. This holds true for flax, chia, and the basil seeds as well.

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7/14/13 5:32 P

Hi and thanks for your replies. Yes, it's hard to find any info on Basil seeds.

Emaverick:They have been used for hundreds of years in Asia and India, but I don't think that they have gained much exposure in the west. The one article I found suggested that they have 80% fiber , and they give liquids a nice different texture IMO. Since they are dry seeds,it's easy to store them. All around convenience basically.

Bitterquill / Becky: I'm a guy, and read that the impact of flax on prostate is unknown or conflicting. There were several sites I found, but the one I remember because of the source was:
I basically took a cautious view of flax after reading this and similar articles, that I should avoid it and look for an alternative

7/14/13 3:53 P

I too have never heard of this seed.
I also checked several nutrition/health research web sites and there are no studies currently on this seed and its health benefits. There are many studies on flax, and a few for chia. From your description of the seed and its response to water, it sounds similar to chia. But that doesn't mean it is safe or has health benefits.

I will continue to investigate and let you know if I find anything.
But without more reputable information about the seed---I would not encourage usage at this time.

I also have not seen any studies about "problems" with flax seed??? What is the study you are referencing??

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7/14/13 6:29 A

I've heard of chia seeds or flax seeds, but never basil seeds used in that method

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7/14/13 2:50 A

I don't have anything useful to add regarding basil seed, but do you have a link to the information you have regarding flax seed? I can always google around but if you have some good information already on hand, I'd love to see it. I use flax seeds every now and then and haven't heard anything particularly negative.

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7/14/13 2:30 A

I haven't heard of this. What inspired you to try basil seeds as a suppliment?

Personally, I use moderation with plants with a lot of fragrant oils like herbs. I really do like basil, but I don't eat pesto very often. It seems to cross the line into medicinal, and I guess I feel like I don't really know what I'm doing so I shouldn't be going there. Just my conservativeness I guess.

If it is fiber you want to add to your diet, green leafies are the obvious superfoods, but of course there are the whole grains, and the whole fruits, beans, lentils, frozen vegies are convenient, prunes are the traditional favorite, and, um, they have always worked quite well for me, even in the plum form. You don't even need to go to hemp or flax seed--why spend the money?

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7/14/13 1:32 A

Has anyone ever read anything about the nutritional value of basil seeds (Tukhmalanga)?

They are these seeds that get a gelatinous coating when soaked in liquids and seem great for adding fibre bulk to a diet when mixed in with a liquid drink. I've been having it with my milk/horlicks.

However, after reading about the semi dubious effects of flax seed, I'm concerned if anything negative is known about basil seeds.

Haven't had much success with finding anything through Lord Google.

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