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10/18/13 9:32 A

My banana bread recipe does not call for butter or calls for shortening, but I use applesauce instead. My recipe also calls for 1 cup of white sugar, and I use 3/4 C. or less is my bananas are really ripe.

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10/8/13 8:36 P

You may want to have a look at Sparkrecipes which has this recipe for banana muffins (very close to banana bread in texture):

It does not require butter at all, it does call for milk but you could probably sub almond milk with good results. It only needs a small amount of sugar, when I made it I added a bit of unsweetened coconut and cinnamon...

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10/5/13 3:02 P

About the banana bread, I agree with the previous reply. I don't know how much sugar is in your recipe but try cutting back by about 10% of what is called for. For example, if you need a cup of sugar, measure out a cup and then remove a tablespoon (2 if you're brave). The vinegar probably helps the bread rise because of its action on baking soda, I'm guessing. Lemon juice or lime juice might have a better flavor and do the same job. Also, lots of breads like this call for oil, not butter, so that could possibly work better than soy spread. Believe it or not really good olive oil (which is a fairly healthy oil) doesn't taste weird and might be suitable. Lots of times stuff like this is just one big experiment. Have you looked online for special cooking lite recipes? Good luck! Alyssa


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10/4/13 12:04 P

Cooking and recipes are just one big experiment, right? I would try cutting the sugar by half and make a note of the results on your recipe. If you think you could stand to lose a little more, cut it by another half the next time you make it, etc.

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
10/3/13 10:51 P

Hey, I am thinking of making banana bread tomorrow. I am lactose intolerant so I use a soy spread instead of butter. Because of this, I have to add a little bit of vinegar to help the cake rise;if I don't it stays flat, or, rises in bumpy way.

My question is if I omit the sugar from the banana bread, but I still add 1-2 tsp of balsamic or white vinegar, will it taste funny? What is the least amount of sugar I should add to make it taste good?

Thank you, much appreciated.

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