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1/9/14 11:26 A

Thanks everyone!
turns out the topic is just too vast for me to boil it down for a general audience. My speech became too technical, almost a science lecture, so I decided to go with another topic - how I quit smoking.

If you'd like I can post what I wrote for my speech on balanced diet.

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1/5/14 11:33 P

You're really going to have to decide on the most important information. Five to seven minutes is not a lot of time for this type of speech. Good luck anyway and let us know how it goes.

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1/5/14 8:40 P

Good luck with your speech. Looking forward to the posted product.

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1/5/14 2:16 P

looking forward to the of luck

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1/5/14 1:10 P

Thanks for the replies. Yes it is a very broad topic which is why I've chosen to give only very basic information regarding protein, carbs and fat, their effects and roles in diet as well as the role of micro-nutrients. That experts do not agree on what constitutes a balanced diet, is a non-starter - the object of the speech is to get to the point, which is get people to consider the constitution of a balanced diet. Balance is synonymous with moderation so I will be mentioning that fat and carbs are not the enemy. I agree the word "diet" has a certain connotation, but in this instance I am addressing a popular colloquialism - recommendations to eat a "balanced diet".

I will post the transcript when it is complete.

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1/5/14 11:25 A

7 minutes is such a brief time to cover such a vast topic. I would focus in on the necessity of micronutrients and use a lot of visuals to express the extreme value of micronutrient rich veggies and fruits compared to grains. I would take a few of the popular grains that people consider to be healthy and compare their nutrient content in 100calories to that of 100 calories of spinach and other such veggies. I would explain protein, amino acids, and healthy fats. I would keep it simple, direct, and backed by facts.

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1/4/14 3:36 P


I agree with others who've replied. Diet is a four letter word.

My question is this. Exactly what is a balanced meal ?

there are serious differences of opinions when it comes to talking about a balanced "diet". Even the experts don't agree. You've got the experts who believe that low carb is the way to go. You've got experts who say eat low fat. You've got experts who say high carb. You've got experts who say eat vegan.

The fact is, people who lost weight DID lose weight eating vegan, low carb, high carb, etc. Because we are all so different, once size (diet) does not fit all. What works for me might not work for you. So, when you talk about what constitutes a balanced diet, you really have to know your subject.

What to talk about ? I would discuss what worked for YOU. How did YOU lose weight ? What foods did YOU eat ? If you talk about what worked for you, some topics will resonate with your audience. Talk about your experiences with weight loss and fitness. Don't generalize because you don't know enough about the topic. Talk about your experiences with food and nutrition.

Instead of generalizing, focus on your experience with learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

PS - Would you be willing to post your 5-7 speech ? I'm sure the Spark Community would be willing to give you a few pointers. Still, I would suggest staying away from discussing what a balanced diet is and focus on your own experiences with nutrition.

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1/4/14 2:20 P

I think everyone has a different perspective of what makes for a healthy nutritional plan. I agree with the previous poster about using the word "diet". That connotation in most peoples' minds is equivalent to a *weight-loss* plan. If you use it, stress that a diet is simply what you eat.

You could do your audience a favor to introduce them to the idea that our present recommendations (and those since our government started directing us) isn't the healthy one it's touted to be. I don't know whether you could do this in a short presentation. But you can talk about what the various components of a diet include: the three macros and the myriad microminerals. Our bodies are miracles of interactions. If we don't feed them in proper metabolic ratios, we ask for trouble... or, at least, "un-health."

Good luck in your speech!
I hope you'll come back to post what it was like. Got a transcript? hehe

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1/4/14 1:42 P

Remove the word Diet.....this is a plan for life of how to eat wise food choices and in moderation.

You could speak about the Plate Method -- 50% of your plate is vegetables; 1/4 protein; 1/4 carb and good fats (yep we need good fats and carbs)

Eat 6 meals a day - Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack.

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1/4/14 1:02 P

Ok, Dude! WTH are you doing up at 4am???? Go back to bed! emoticon And tell my DH to come back to bed, too.

Okay now that my brain is awake and I have some food....

Good Morning :)

Most people know nothing about good nutrition. What they know is what they heard from some talking head on a talk show, a friend at the water cooler at work or from a gossip rag pushing the latest fad diet. If they have no reason to question the source then they accept the information as true.

You could do an entire series of talks on nutrition and stay busy in Toastmasters for years. (BTW, good for you on improving your speaking skills!)

One approach would be begin by informing your audience of the different ingredients to a healthy diet: fats, carbs, protein, vitamins and minerals. Describe what they do in the body and the best sources to obtain them. Stress lean meats, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables and complex carbs. This topic alone would take all of your time. Especially teaching that carbs are not evil and that we need fats to be healthy.

Another approach that I think would be interesting would be to describe the effects of various foods on the body. There's a Dick Van Dyke Show episode where Rob pretends to be a new sports car that eventually ends up in an accident bring towed. It was hilarious. But something similar could be fun. For example : Start in the am, the body is starving here comes the coffee, revving up the heart. Stomach screaming where is the food etc. I think it would be very entertaining but might not be format you are interested in.

You could also use a disease specific approach. Type 2 diabetes as product of poor nutrition and how improving the quality of your diet can "cure" the diabetes.

Good luck with your speech. You have a great topic.

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1/4/14 11:54 A

I like Dr Fuhrman's nutritarian pyramid...but I'm not a vegetarian.
His nutrition scale on where to get the biggest benefit is something I use to make my shopping list. Contrary to popular belief...eating healthy does not have to be expensive. You can make excellent choices by going frozen and buying what's on special. And the savings to your health and health dollars goes a long way. If I invest in's going to be something in season...hopefully grown locally.

When it comes to cooking and trying to balance time...I like making dishes in batches and freezing in portion size containers. I enjoy using my pressure cooker..which I hope saves me more of the vitamins by reducing the cooking time. I'm not into Raw foods because of the e-coli issues which make me nervous but I don't think I need to go Raw. I've learned from many of my Asian friends that using beans in addition to animal protein is not only's cheaper, just as tasty (if not more), and gives me the fiber I need.

it's all good

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1/4/14 10:04 A

Most of everything I know about this topic comes from reading articles on Sparkpeople! Here's a page of results I got from a search:

It seems to me you have a good idea of what you want to talk about. The thing is it's possible to create a 5-7 minute speech just on the importance of vitamin B12. So you'll have to decide at what level of detail you want to stop.

Good luck on your speech!

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1/4/14 9:56 A

the only thing I can think of is to give examples - compare nutrient dense foods to 'crap' foods, KWIM?

and maybe mention that it's important to 'spend' your 'calorie budget' wisely

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1/4/14 9:45 A

C'mon people - help a fellow out here emoticon

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1/4/14 7:10 A

I am presenting a speech on balanced diet for my Toastmasters club. It will be a five to seven minute speech on the importance of a balanced diet. I wish to present some basic information about macronutrients and micronutrients and their roles in the body as well as nutrient dense versus calorie dense foods. In your opinions, what are some of the key points I should mention during the speech? Just curious - I have a drafted a basic outline. Today I am creating the content and want to be sure there isn't something important I have overlooked. emoticon

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