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This is tough because many of us have grown up with the notion of mindless eating...just eating without making ourselves aware as to what we are doing, therefore if we want to change that behavior we MUST make us mindful of what we are doing.

A few things that may help are:

Not allowing you to get so hungry that you give up your resolve--so your meals may want to consist of some protein, fiber and healthy fats (say an apple with peanut butter) so that they keep you fuller longer.

Another idea is to have hard candy, such as peppermint or cinnamon as these two flavors can affect the way food taste.

Also wearing a bracelet, necklace could even be a rubber band, that you touch when you want to grab for a cookie. Some stress managers call this anchoring and what it does is helps us remain focused on the behavior we want to change.

And lastly, keeping a journal as to why you reached for the cookie...when we understand the why we do, what we do, when we do it, we can then begin the process to putting steps in place to change our behavior.

One of my favorite quotes I came across after I joined SparkPeople over 7 years ago, reads..."If a man really wants something, he will find a way, if he doesn't he will find an excuse." Stephen Dolley, Jr.

I wrote that quote down and read it every time I begin to make excuses for anything and everything I want to change but don't have the will to do so.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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I posted a similar topic in nutrition, but this is a real problem for me and I need to fix it.

I work in a bakery and there are lots of cookies and snacks around that everyone "samples." I pass the cookie racks over and over, and see other people eating something delicious, and smell the cookies and pastries all day. While I think about having one every time I pass I'll tell myself no and be fine with it 9 times out of 10, but when Im passing the racks all day, Ill still end up justifying 2 to 4 cookies a day.

I need a strategy that will improve my self control, because this is not hunger eating, and I don't eat food like this at home. Its purely the visibility and availability. Just telling myself to have more self control is not working. I need something more effective.

Ideas Ive had:
-Getting a new job will help in the long run, but that isn't going to happen over night and it doesn't really address the issue of self control only takes away the trigger.
-Ive tried brushing my teeth on all my breaks
-I'm not allowed to chew gum.
-We can't have personal food in the bakery, so bringing a healthier snack in isn't an option either (although having something healthy planned does work for me at lunch).
-Should I try wearing a rubber band and snapping my wrist when I do succumb? I feel like that wouldn't be a good solution but I'm getting desperate here.

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