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My mom and dad are both overweight, as is my aunt and and her husband, as well as most of my close cousins. It comes from being a big "Foodie" family, I think. Dad's been working out for over a year now (he started while I was in military school for credit retrieval), and has lost a lot of weight, so he's getting off the bad habit. My mom... Well... I don't want to talk badly about her, but, frankly, she's lazy. She keeps saying she'll do something, and never does, then goes and buys herself "occasional" treats every other week (which I end up eating, because I'm stupid and don't want HER making her weight worse). I caught onto that habit for the longest time as well, unfortunately. Working on breaking that, even though it's haaaaard.
Also, my dog was quite overweight a while ago, but we cut down her treats and food to a reasonable amount, so she's lost it. My cat, Giz, is huge. I can't tell if it's fat or just how his body is, though.

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No. my significant NT other is normal weight
My kids are normal.
The dog and 3 if the cats__normal. One cat is over,,due to her being abused and starved before we rescued her,,the vet told me this would happen.
I know part of my pr

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Yes. My husband and one of my sons are also over weight. I have one son that we are jealous of and we're not sure where he gets his skinny genes from. :) Although he is the main one whom we have a hard time getting active. The 3 of us that are over weight really do like to eat. My skinny one knows how to eat. He eats a bit and when he's full he stops. The rest of us chow down like there's no tomorrow. Well, we used to. Trying to change all of that. Tracking my food on here is really helping. My husband has always been good at exercising everyday. Not me. Not my boys. We'll get there. :) Oh yeah, my dog is pretty big too. and she also has bad knees. :/

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I have a pet cat. I have a boyfriend. I had other pets. Guess what? I am overweight at 450lbs starting (now 443.5), my boyfriend was 265.6lbs, now 253lbs. I was told by my cat's vet today he is 18lbs and needs to lose 4lbs...which for a cat is like us losing 100lbs! I realized bad habits run in the household. I love to snack. A lot. My cat is a pack eater and likes to eat with us. So he goes to his food dish every time I am eating. I am very lazy and hate to move...partly due to pain of course, but laziness I admit is a factor. My cat, he will not do a thing but lay around like Garfield. ALL DAY he lays there. Bad habits run in the family. I never knew my bad choices could spread to my pets...thank god I have no children right I am not dieting, but changing my life. I ONLY eat my meals a day. I ONLY snack on things allowed. (I am vegan which means no animal products like meat, dairy or eggs...which takes more planning to make sure nutrients are up...and with the doctor's help I am able to do that) What I eat is portioned out, but with my choice in diet I can eat a lot more and still have a hard time hitting 1500-1800 calories a day! Anyway, that is what is working for me. I bought a food dish for the cat which has timers. 1/4 cup of food in each timed slot set to open at specific times. He is less than thrilled right now. He too is an emotional snacker like I am!!! But together we all will get healthy. So I ask you this: Have you noticed any similarities in weight or bad habits in you, your family or honest. If so what are you doing to change them? I ask this to help me and others identify the patterns that keep us stuck. And how to change them.

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