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12/20/12 10:19 P

thank you everyone I drank water all day and physically rested but mentally worked on paperwork, bills organizing family stuff was feeling better half way through the day until I ate again now I am in extreme pain.

I went to bed last night apparently slept hard I normally get up at 5 a.m. just a habit I need in order to get everything accomplished in the day. I didn't get up until 9 a.m. this morning and I woke up to a fright. One of the doors in my house that we thought was sealed up for the winter was wide open because I had slept so deep I immediately grabbed the children and called the police I had them come and check the inside of the house for signs of prowler. Thankfully fluke the wind and snow must of force the entry no break in but it was enough to jolt me. I really do appreciate all my friends here on SP and the coaches.

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12/20/12 6:40 P

I can relate to you on this issue. I too have dealt with cancer ( ovarian) have been in remission for nearly five months. I remember certain things not tasting the same on the meds and remember not wanting to certain veggies because they hurt my mouth so badly. Everything had to be soft. I will send prayers out to you. I hope you abdominal distress gets better......

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12/20/12 2:51 P


Don't beat yourself up because you didn't eat as well as you wanted on two days. As I tell all new members and those looking for motivation,"don't look at good health with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction.

You don't have to be perfect every single day. Every little bit really does make a difference. I'm glad you're going to keep fighting the cancer. Having a positive attitude will help you beat this disease.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,185
12/20/12 2:20 P

I wish you good luck and prayers with your cancer treatments.

I don't have cancer but do have very bad abdominal upsets too when I eat the wrong thing or too much of a good thing.

EMMELINEE3 SparkPoints: (4,863)
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12/20/12 9:25 A

the verdict is in I am resolved to go on, continue fighting I will not give up. I know my portion control was a bad decision even while doing it and I let go of will power; a just man falls seven times but gets back up again so I will resolve to getting back up again dusting myself off feeling weak but that will soon pass. My organs hurt today so I will take it easy and rest and when feeling rejuvenated get back up on that horse. 2 lessons learned per my goals
1. if must indulge choose just a few bites rather than the whole piece
2. Know when to stop; eat for my stomach not my mouth (yesterday out of control hormones)

KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
12/20/12 8:55 A

I'm not sure what kind of treatment you are going thru, but sometimes there are just certain foods that sound/taste good. Sounds like it might just be an issue of portion control. I'd suggest being more mindful while you are eating - get rid of distractions, eat slowly, etc. It is okay to have a treat, but how about just having three bites (after that the taste doesn't get any better.) Hope this helps. Best wishes with your cancer treatment! (It will be 15 years on May 15th, for me being cancer free.)

12/20/12 8:37 A

Have you checked out the spark recipes for healthier versions of the foods that you have issues with? I don't like cooking "two meals" for me and my family but I will to keep my temptation options down. I have the binge/be bad urges often and this is one of the biggest helps for me besides distractions. I find if I keep myself occupied long enough, the urge subsides easier.

Just some thoughts from my own eating issues. I hope this or other tips help you through, stay encouraged.

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12/20/12 7:12 A

I have cancer and one of the best things I can do for myself is to eat healthy, live healthy and truly stick to my numbers that are best for me. On Wednesday's and Sunday's I seem to drop my guard and well crash. Last night I should not of ate two serving of chili or a piece of pumpkin pie. That was all I ate that was enough to throw me over I went to bed with abdominal pain and woke up with intestinal bleeding again. When I eat healthy I feel healthy and I don't have a problem with the bleeding. It is these moments that I am weak.

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