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Posture in our culture is a funny thing. We are often taught to stand with poor posture.

I suggest the doctor check, this is always worth while before adding anything to your practice. and then as other have suggested yoga which is good, I also suggest Taijiquan. Gramie does yoga and I do Taijiquan and Qigong. I will not suggest one of yoga and taijiquan are better, just different in the details but both work on similar things. Qigong can also be helpful. Qigong exercise tend to be short and specific for posture, and energy work.

Just a few thoughts

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6/22/13 11:16 A

Thank you all. I love the idea of yoga. I remember years ago going to a class and one day realizing that I was literally taller; my view of the world was slightly different. It was all very cool. Thank you, thank you thank you. I WILL join a yoga near me as soon as one restarts. May God Bless both of you. OH!!! I am over 60. emoticon

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Have you talked with your doctor about your osteoporosis ? If you feel pain after trying to stand up straight for a short period of time, something more is going on than just poor posture. depending on how bad your back is, you may want to ask your doctor about physical therapy.

There's an older woman 60+ in a yoga class I've taken. Wonderful woman. When you look at her, you can see the hunched over shoulders/back a person gets when they have osteoporosis. Why is she doing yoga then if she has osteoporosis ? Because the yoga has helped her decrease her back issues. Our instructor has worked with her for several years and she told me that this woman's hunch was much more pronounced. Yoga may be a good option for you. there are many poses that can help increase your back strength.

BUT, you should talk to your doctor first !! They know more about your medical history than we do. We're assuming you're in reasonably good health. You may not be. That's why a person with a pre-existing medical condition should talk to their doctor for advice BEFORE well meaning (and totally anonymous) people on the internet.

Even if a member has an MD, that still doesn't make them qualified to give you medical advice. It's because we just don't know enough about you.

What we do know from various studies done over the years is that a regular strength training program (as well as some flexibility training) can help decrease the symptoms of osteoporosis. Yes, strengthening your back muscles with some type of weight bearing exercise might help. But, once again, depending on your medical history, it might hurt too.

Ask your doctor if you're healthy enough to try yoga, pilates as well as do some strength training exercises with either hand weights or resistance bands.

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There are quite a few muscle groups that go into good posture, and it's when they're tight or weak that we have postural problems. Your core needs to be strong, as does your upper back, while your chest, hamstrings, and hip flexors need to be flexible.

If you have osteoporosis then I hope you're doing strength training already, so adding in exercises that strengthen your entire core (planks are good) and something for your upper back (like dumbbell rows) will help immensely.

This post is great for information on stretches and strengthening exercises you can add to improve your posture:

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6/21/13 9:52 P

My posture is so bad that when I try to stand up straight for a little while my bad starts aching pretty bad. I also have a bit of osteoparsis (sp?). Any helpful ideas?

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