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SP includes those background calories and they're not normally deducted.

If you know that value by all means go ahead and subtract it manually, but no there's no box for that here. Most people enter the full value the HRM gives.

Yes, that's double-counting. That's one of the reasons it's always best to understate exercise if in doubt, rather than overstating it! :)

Basically, enter the full value, and see for 6-8 weeks if your weight loss aligns with the expected losses given the deficit you're creating. If not, maybe it could be that, and you might want to think about adjusting goals accordingly.

It shouldn't be a problem unless you're doing hours and hours of exercise daily. As you point out, the difference was normally 40 cals per hour. If you do an hour a day that's a whole whopping 40 calories difference - WELL within the margin of error considering everything you're entering (in and out) is an estimation anyway.

It's one of those things where yes technically it could be more accurate to do that, but it probably doesn't make enough difference to even bother about.

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SP already accounts for that in its calculations. You'll only input your purposeful exercise calorie burn. :) You can see your BMR (base metabolic rate, which is what you mean by "background calories") under the Daily Calorie Differential to see how you're doing.

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Hallo, All!

I'm from UK and up to now I used different weightloss site.
I'm using polar f6. After each excersise, when I input the calories from my hrm into that site, I checked the box to deduct backround calories (the ones we need to just live, the usual number was 40 cals) and all I was left with was the actual calories burned. So if 60 minutes excersising gave me 500 cals burned, after checking the box I was left with 420 cals.

The thing is I don't see that box on Spark People.

If that box doesn't exist on SP how do you input excersises to your fitness diary?? Do you just input the full number the hrm shows you??

I hope you do understand what I mean :-)
Thank you in advance :-)

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