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emoticon Greetings and emoticon - I'm really glad you've joined us!! Right now is a great time to get active with SparkPeople - it's a great community, wonderful resources and fantastic support- it's also lots of fun and easy to make friends because we're all in this together.
Sometimes the best way to start is to just pick a small goal such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day or eating 5 fruits and veggies plus a small exercise goal such as increasing whatever you've been doing by 10%. There's a great article explaining how one or two changes can lead to long-term success - you can read the article at
. I like the way a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is emphasized here instead of a 'quick fix wonder diet' and another nice thing about SparkPeople is that we have permission to be human - we don't have to change everything at once or be in a hurry to reach our goals. Take a few baby steps and then a few more and before you know it, you'll have completed a long journey - I hope you enjoy this community as much as I have - it teaches us how to make positive lifetime changes because that's the only thing that will work over time!
If you ever need any help using features of the site, there are tutorial videos under the HELP section that can show you how to use the features of the site and great FAQs for many topics. You can also find them on the START page and several other places on the site. I wish you the best on your journey!!!

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Thank you for the kind words!!!!!!


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Welcome back! I have been on here off and on so I do know this is the site to be at. You are on the right track, keep your chin up and look up to the stars. God bless you, June emoticon

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I'm back after being gone almost a year. What a year it has been. My wife asked for a divorce after 29 years. Told me she has no love for me anymore (she has a love for someone else) So I have been living on my own for 7 months now. I got out of the depend of the pity pool about 2 months ago. It is time to prove to those who are expecting me to fail, that I will succeed !!!!!!

Set my goals for nutrition, and exercise. Now it is time to make it happen. I feel very good about life, and it is time to excel at life. I have a great job, two beautiful and supportive young adult daughters. At 52 I have an entire life ahead of me, and I'm looking at seizing everyday!!!

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