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6/1/13 10:24 P

I "fell off the wagon" a few years ago after I broke my ankle. At first, it was a legitmate reason to take a little break from exercising ... but then I didn't get back on track when I was able. I got out of shape and regained a lot of weight. After finally getting back on track, I sometimes worry about messing up like that again.

But on the positive side ... for me, it was a little easier to get BACK in shape than it had been the first time I did it. The 2nd time was a bit easier.

Good luck to you.

JANUT57 SparkPoints: (284,071)
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6/1/13 2:50 P

Glad to hear you are back at it! emoticon emoticon

CKESNE01 SparkPoints: (8,141)
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3/5/13 4:17 P

I know how frustrating it can be after not working out for a while and struggling with an exercise that used to be easy. I've been an on and off exerciser for years, but just stay strong and keep motivated! It does give joy to see how strong your body is getting like if you could never do a normal push up and then manage one normal push up at a time. emoticon

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/5/13 3:57 P

Thanks for the encouragement. Makes me glad to be back!

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3/5/13 9:04 A

Welcome home! The hardest part ( choosing to get back on that exercise horse) is done. Now, slow yet steady energy needs to be expended daily to build strength, stamina, endurance and good health! Did I fail to mention what a boost exercise is for your mental attitude? Before you think I am just being bossy, let me tell you how I have had to fight my way back to strength thru exercise after 3 surgeries in one years time. (Still not to where I was, but I am working on it!). Spark People is such an amazing site, full of support, education and even ex vids and friends who go thru the ups and downs with you! emoticon
This battle isn't easy, but it's necessary for optimum health! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
3/5/13 8:51 A

Holy cow. I haven't worked out in nearly a year, and I didn't realize how fit I was becoming. It is discouraging to do a workout that I was doing not easily, but without feeling like I needed to stop, but now I struggle. I know, it is good that I am back to doing it, but I am also frustrated for myself for not keeping up with my goals. Hopefully this is a lesson to me to not stop ever again!

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