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NEED2MOVE2 Posts: 1,451
3/1/13 9:06 P

I have been off and on the wagon for years. The best thing is.. I will never give up. I only fail if I stop trying! emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
3/1/13 8:24 P

I think you are making great progress. I have an idea that actually helped me a LOT to keep me from falling off the wagon so often - in fact I made it almost impossible to fall off the wagon.

The trick is to NOT make foods forbidden, NOT to talk about BAD foods, NOT to deprive myself of the foods I love, BUT to PLAN for them, include them in my PLAN - to learn to LIVE with the foods that scared me whenever I went on a D I E T. The reason this worked for me was that when I stopped saying I could NOT have them, wasn't allowed them, etc., they somehow became less attractive. I wanted them less because I had to make them fit into my PLAN and was able to choose them BUT I couldn't cheat or rationalize them away - they had to be tracked; they had to be counted; and they had to replace something else. The treats became a little like money. I could spend it on whatever but once it was spent, I couldn't use it somewhere else. I could even eat too many calories but just like when you write a check for more than is in the bank, I had to pay an OVERDRAFT fee - in terms of weight gains or not losing. I learned to think about whether, how much, and when I wanted those treats. In many ways it was psychological, but it worked well. Just something that might help avoid too many falls from the wagon.

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
3/1/13 12:28 P

I have fallen off the wagon so many times, like you. The most important thing you can do is get back on. You're here now, so I'm going to say that you've succeeded there! Personally, I don't think it matters how many times we fall off the wagon, because in order to fall off the wagon we have to be on it in the first place, which means we haven't given up.

Every time I've fallen, I've learned something. And when I get my butt back in gear and get back on the wagon, that lesson is still there for me to use and apply. There are so many great people here at Spark whom you can learn from. I know they've helped me a lot. The support as Spark is the one thing that has always brought me back.

So congrats on being back wagon riding with the rest of us!

ASHLEY_ANNE83 Posts: 17
3/1/13 11:34 A

Hi there I am 29 and from Kansas. I have tried several times to keep using spark and have ended up falling off the wagon several times. I am an emotional eater. I even tell myself before I eat something bad that it's wrong but I do it anyway and then feel really guilty. I love sweets, dairy, and carbs. Probably the three worst things to binge on. It seems like I do worse on weekends. It's like I just cut myself loose and forget my goals. I am just trying to get back to healthy habits. I hope to find support and help others in our journey to a happy healthier life!

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