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10/31/13 7:57 A

Here's a modified hamstring stretch that might be easier for you to start with:

The good thing about flexibility training is that if you do it consistently, you can start to see results pretty quickly. Make sure you always warm up before stretching, but if you can start doing hamstring stretches frequently, you should notice they will start to loosen up soon.

Coach Jen

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10/31/13 6:51 A

ZORBS13 - I wasn't referring to get qualified input for foam rollers - they may be pretty much foolproof, but there are other exercises that can help it in addition, and perhaps have more benefit overall. Also, often when we have an injury we tend to walk or sit in a way that 'protects' the 'hurt' but is actually putting more strain elsewhere on the body. THAT is where the qualified professionals come into their own (having been there, done that!!!)


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10/31/13 6:46 A


um, foam rollers are pretty much foolproof. You do not need a professional to show you how to use them.

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10/31/13 4:21 A

I would be inclined to get a referral to a Physiotherapist so that you can be taught how to do this properly and safely, because otherwise you MIGHT be achieving nothing, but on the other hand you CAN do harm, if not done properly.

A fitness trainer would also be able to show you how to do these exercises safely.

Joining an exercise class, particularly something like Pilates, would be a really good option - I speak from experience :-)


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10/30/13 11:40 P

Thanks for the tip! After researching for a while, I found out that foam rollers can be used to relax the muscles and that they are usually very tense when the body is protecting itself from like an injury or weak part of the body. I used the foam roller along my hamstring and after a while I was able to stretch like normal again. I think I'll just have to incorporate it into my exercise routine each day.

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10/30/13 6:12 P

Have you tried propping your leg up onto something that is about hip or waist height and then leaning forward (to stretch your hamstrings)? This works for me. Then again, I'm short so I don't know if this would work for anyone over 5 ft tall.

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10/30/13 4:13 P

I exercise daily and when I sit down with legs in front of me, I feel pain in the back of both thighs. My doctor told me to stretch my hamstrings because its causing my back pain, but I can barely even sit like that. I have to lean my upper body back or else it hurts a lot. What is causing this and how can I get the muscles to loosen up? I can stand up fine and walk around, but when I sit on the floor and have my legs straight I get a lot of pain. I can't stretch any more than just straightening my legs so I don't know if it is doing any good or not or what else I can do to loosen my muscles

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