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Unfortunately, no one here can really speculate on what be causing your pain. Discomfort is fine, pain is a sign that something is wrong. I would consult your doctor if this continues. That it's continuing during regular activity tells me that you may very well have hurt yourself, and you should probably go sooner rather than later. Definitely stop running for now until it heals.

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2/12/13 10:38 A

If it hasn't gone away in a few days, you need to see a doctor.

2/12/13 9:25 A

Yesterday while jogging, the back of my right knee started having a dull/tight pain. I didn't stop and it seemed like nothing, but throughout the day of regular walking around, it continued to bother me. This morning as soon as I got out of bed, the dull pain & tight feeling was there. Using the elliptical didn't hurt, but walking or jogging on the treadmill wasn't happening. Even now walking around at work, I still tell it's not normal.

Has anyone had this type of tight, dull pain in the back of their knee? What could it be?

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