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4/4/13 8:10 P


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4/4/13 7:58 P

Hi TheBosnian, it can be tough for us 6 foot plus guys to stay under 200lbs harder if you're into lifting just because of the extra muscle mass I should imagine. I'm also targeting 190llbs using a plan of healthy meals including portion control and exercise, mostly running and walking with some upper body workout. I believe in "balance". Of course, 185lbs would be totally Boss!
Best wishes in your quest!


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4/4/13 7:53 P


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4/4/13 7:46 P

I'm on my "Redo" 5 years ago I brought it down to 185 from 227lbs. I'm 6'2" and just on the upside of 50 years. Ran a 5K last year and finished in the top half of 280 participants, 4th out of 9 runners in my age group. Not bad for an old guy. My training was jogging speed at work while running groceries into kitchens for a foodservice company.

I'm currently at 213lbs and working it down to 190lbs. My wife and I are using Fitbit One's to help track our progress.
This is my Fitbit profile:

Hope we can all meet our goals!

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4/4/13 6:50 P

I too am in the category of "back at it". I haven't been a spark member for a year,but I am having difficulty with motivation right now. Only 4.5 lb to go. I started looking at maintenancearticles and got comfortable. That is dumb. So I AM getting straightened out. I eat at the top of my range,but am oh,so comfy. Dont feel like it's going anywhere. I do track and exercise. Trying to get more inspiration from this site!!!

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4/4/13 12:07 P

Welcome back! Good for you! YOU CAN DO IT!

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4/4/13 11:59 A

I too have yoyo-ed for years trying various "diets". I have been back on my plan for a month now and going stronger than ever. My suggestion to you would be watching a paying attention to what you eat and making healthy choice, not a soup diet. For example eating all fruits and veggies,whole grains,and nuts for a week will give you much more variety but still be healthy for you. You will not be satisfied with your meals and look forward to the end of your "diet" if you just eat soup for a week. I have found my sweet spot in eating a variety of fruits, veggies, lean protein, and nuts each day and making healthy snack decisions. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it is true. I started using the food tracker to get my correct portion of carbs, fat, and protein PER MEAL and it REALLY REALLY does make a difference. I am not hungry throughout the day and I often find myself eating my snacks only to make sure I get in my proper calories for the day (not because I'm hungry). Also staying hydrated by getting my proper water intake also has cut down on my feelings of hunger. They say if you are thirsty, your body sometimes shoes signs of hunger which makes you think you need to eat. That was really the case for me. Once I started eating properly I can honestly say my cholesterol and sugar levels have drastically changed for the better and I feel much more energized.

Good luck on your weight loss journey, it may not be easy but it will be well worth it! emoticon

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4/4/13 11:23 A

I wish you luck. I don't have the answers or I would not be in the predicament I am in. Personally trying cabbage stew for a week will burn me out and make me over eat in the end. I say portion control and making your favorite foods in a healthy form. If you enjoy burgers then do turkey burgers, or chicken burgers, verses fatty beef, make changes like that. Condiments is a great place to start, rid all bad oils and go with olive oil. Rid bad butters and go with Smart Balance, Smart Balance mayo is great too. If you use ketchup a lot try to go without it, and try salsa instead (homemade) store bought stuff has too much sodium. Stop using so much salt, pepper is where the flavor is, and try other spices as well. If you are not very good at cooking then learn to cook, prepackaged stuff is bad.

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4/4/13 12:29 A

Good luck!!!! Remember: Portion size is the most important, not a particular diet. God bless you!!!

4/3/13 7:30 P

Hello all,

Here I am again, trying to get serious about getting in shape. I've always floated in the 200-230 range --- until recently. About a year ago, I got married and the weight gain BEGAN! I quit working out and watching what I ate.

I'm a 26 year old, 6'1 male and currently weight 269 lbs.

I'd love to get down to around 190, that's my ideal weight.

It's tough getting started when you know you have such a long journey. I've used sparkpeople before and know the people are supportive and helpful.

I'm kick starting my plan with a week of the "cabbage soup diet" mixed in with an hour of walking a day. Thoughts? Suggestions? Tips?


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