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10/27/13 4:08 P

Welcome Corrine,

You've made the biggest step by recognizing it's time to lose.

The biggest help I've found is tracking my food and weight. It really wakes me up to what I've been doing. You can't hide from the facts in front of you.

Find a team or some friends that you can check in with here everyday. Great support and enthusiasm.

I've also targeted my major problem which is sweets. I just don't eat them except on a rare occasion and for a very special occasion. I know I'm addicted to sweets so I just stay away sort of like AA.

I'm here for you anytime and hope Spark is inspiration you need to get to your goal.


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10/27/13 3:56 P

welcome back and enjoy the journey

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10/27/13 3:42 P

Corinne, emoticon to SparkPeople! We're happy to have you with us. Good luck with your weight loss! emoticon

10/27/13 1:48 P

Hello Corinne!
Turning point is great and it should happen sooner or later.
But you can't feed out of that one moment for prolonged period of time, and 1.5 year - no way!
Having goals is great, understanding why you want to loose weight.
But apart from that you need some day to day principals that you'll be able to exercise multiple times per week or even per day!
Finding those principals should be your priority.
For example you can't skip a piece of cake for 1.5 years on the notion that you want to loose weight. But you can easily make decision like: I can have this cake or eat this piece of meat and salad or I can have a bit smaller piece of cake and a salad.

Feel free to ask anything, I'm happy to help!

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10/27/13 1:10 P

So here I am again, starting over and trying to get to a goal I've wanted to reach for the longest time.

Hey there lovely people, I'm Corinne. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get the motivation to do this and continue with it. I'm twenty, and coming to the last year and a half of my college career and I guess now is better than never. Once I graduate I want to move across the country to do what I love and I feel like if I'm a new me at that time, the journey will be that much better. So I have until then to reach my goal.
I guess a year and a half is a great goal time, but it's the motivation I lack.
I live with four of my best friends and all we do is eat out, or chug soda, or go for midnight candy runs. Which is all good and well, until your fifty pounds heavier and hating what you see when you look in the mirror. I used to be skinnier, a size I loved with curves and confidence. But about two years ago I lost two very important people in my life within a span of a month, and that really took a toll on my health. I stopped caring, started eating more, and just slept all the time.
I guess my turning point was the other night when I was talking to my best friend about how we both felt we needed to be healthier, and boys came into the conversation. (I'm still young so of course boys are on my mind at times!) But when my best friend turned around and said "You know, don't feel bad, some boys like heavier set woman..." That was the breaking point.
For YEARS people have told me "You're not big" "You're a great size" "You're not skinny, but you have curves", and I knew it wasn't true but I let myself keep believing it because I didn't want to admit to myself that I was bigger. I guess to have someone you care about point it out really opens your eyes, and though she meant it all with good intentions it kind of stuck to me and stung a bit.

So here I am in hopes of change. And some motivation, because I know I need it.
So if you managed to read my silly story than it's nice to meet you.
And I'd love to have some people to keep in touch with who have similar goals,
because honestly as bad as I want this - I may need help from a few if not more than a few of you.


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