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STHAX10 Posts: 3,072
2/12/13 8:05 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople!
Attitude is everything! Good luck with your journey, and if you need friends, we are here!!!

“The reason why so little is done, is generally because so little is
~ Samuel Smiles

BILL60 Posts: 977,116
2/12/13 7:58 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you the very best.

CRAFTINWIFE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 3,283
2/11/13 7:03 P

emoticon Hello! emoticon emoticon emoticon to Spark!


NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
2/11/13 5:17 P

Hi, I'm glad you've decided to take care of YOU, and this is just the place to help you reach all your goals!! We're all in this together, so be sure to use the trackers and STAY CONNECTED no matter what!!

When you get your Spark page going, feel free to add me to your friend list-we can work together on our temple upkeep :)


SBOYLE2013 SparkPoints: (115)
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2/11/13 4:32 P

I'm the eternal optimist... and back at it, after a while of just plain eating whatever and whenever I wanted.
I want to feel better, I want to look better, and I want to improve my health stats.
My name is Sue, and I'm a teacher and a coach. I enjoy my job most days, but as with many professions, there are "those days!"
I'm a Christian, and active in my church, and lead the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) huddle at my school. Another reason for me to eat a healthier diet and exercise more regularly is that I want to glorfiy God with my life, and these are 2 areas that are sadly lacking.

Two things have changed that I think will help me stick with it this time: my brother passed away in March last year after a lifetime of decisions and consequences, and not living a very healthy life in several aspects. I don't want that trauma repeated for my parents, my sister, or my friends. And, I made a decision to not do something that I kinda sorta wanted to because I wasn't sure I would physically be able to. I don't want to make that kind of decision again.

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