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3/19/14 1:16 A

You must journal,
eat around 1200 calories
put lots of vegetables in every meal;
eat mini meals in between
stop eating processed foods
only bind on real food
join Weight Watchers to also learn a life style change if you need more one on one

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3/19/14 12:13 A

I popped off the bandwagon last July 2013, so I am in the same boat. A little afraid this time around. I did very well reaching my goal by June of last year and then I just let it go. I thought I could do it by myself once I had a year under my belt. NOT. I gained back 12 pounds and I have had terrible stomach trouble. For me it's been the portion control more than the junk food. Don't get me wrong, the junk was part of it.

Like the others here, I am suggesting and doing the "one day at a time" routine. It's not easy. I am an emotional eater. So I am well aware that any time I could get triggered and run to the grocery store to buy a bag of "something" and start eating it in the car on the way home.

We're all here to help each other, even when the best we can do sometimes, is to hear and acknowledge each other, share from our hearts and admit that we too, have been or are, right where you're at.

You can do this and so can I!

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3/18/14 8:36 P

While this may not help you, it helps me. Attitude: I can only deal with today...this minute. Yesterday is done and gone. Tomorrow may never come. THIS minute I can and do choose to be healthier. I can and do choose to eat, exercise and live healthier. Just this one minute. It helps me to not be so overwhelmed with it all. I just try to do what is best in this moment.

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3/18/14 8:08 P

Planning and taking it one day at a time, do not let yesterdays missteps dictate your direction today. Preplan and pre pack as much as you can meal wise it helps A LOT!

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3/18/14 5:14 P

LJBRANDOK---that sounds like a great book. Would you mind sharing the title?

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3/18/14 4:57 P

I'm reading a book that stresses pre-planning all of your food in the morning and figuring out the emotions behind overeating. I'm trying to look at my eating habits and find the mistakes I can correct.
Maybe you can try to integrate what worked last time and what triggers the bad effects.
Good luck-I know it's a life-long struggle for me

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3/18/14 2:15 P

OAKDALE41 you are not starting over. You have more skills, more knowledge, and hopefully more drive to stick with this. Starts and stops are part of the process. Walking portions is a perfectly acceptable way to run a marathon and this is not a sprint we're talking about. This is a lifestyle change. So, dust yourself off, look at what you've learned, and focus on making today better in at least one small way than yesterday. Those incremental changes will add up. If for some reason things get a bit derailed again at one moment or one day, then you get to focus on making the next day even better. I say all of this as someone who also let surgery and the winter weather derail her. I say this as someone who has used Sparkpeople on and off for years. This does work and you can make it happen! emoticon

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3/18/14 1:29 P

The only way to stick to it after 3 months off is slowly add in the foods that you know are good for you one meal at a time. Drink more water one meal, add wheat bread back in another, brown rice or pasta the next one after that until the good outweighs the bad again and you are back on track. Some people can do it cold turkey. I'm just one of those people. I wish I were, but I have a feeling I am the norm...

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3/18/14 12:08 P

I also could have written this post. I'm back this month after dropping off in December around the holidays. I had lost 10 pounds before Christmas and I gained 15 while I was away. I've lost 5 in the couple of weeks I've been back, so really it's like I'm exactly right back where I started last October. Life mixed with some seasonal blues got in my way, but I'm not discouraged. I have developed lifestyle changes that have stuck since I first started trying to better myself over 10 years ago. I dropped two sizes and have kept them off for about 7 years. I quit smoking. I have learned so much about how to eat healthy and exercise. But there will always be more to learn and I can always do better. There will be ups and there will be downs. After all this time I realize this is a forever thing, not a quick fix. This time around I've invested some money into my journey. I signed up for a year of SparkCoach and purchased the Spark Activity Tracker. Completing the coaching sessions first thing in the morning on my phone before I even get out of bed sets a good tone for the rest of the day. The activity tracker keeps me honest about how little or how much I'm actually moving and motivates me to do more. I've also friended a few people on here that I really admire and who inspire me to keep going. I read their blogs and leave comments. I occasionally blog and they give me their tips and support. Having that community support has really helped. So celebrate what you've learned already and just jump in where you are. Set realistic goals that you can accomplish and start building yourself back up. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. You can do it!

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3/18/14 11:52 A

I think the fact that you are back and willing to do the work says it all. I am having some trouble motivating for exercise after an illness stopped me 3 weeks ago. I really need to just do it!

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3/18/14 10:47 A

"Back to square one". That is how I feel, too. But, to encourage us both, I am going to point out positive reasons I am not really at "Square one". I know better what I should do. I am not wallowing in "coulda shoulda land" which is where square one is located. I have made positive first steps to ackowlege where I am, where I went wrong, and what I am going to do now. I have begun reaching out for help and advise on Sparkpeople.

So, I am truly on the journey, yes, I am covering some ground I already covered, but this time, I know it better so I can enjoy other aspects of it.

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3/18/14 10:00 A

Boy, I know what you mean about getting back into the groove. I couldn't do much since the first week of January. My New Years resolution was to go to a Doctor to have my knee checked out, my knee hurt so bad I had to stand to eat because I could not been my knee to sit at the table. I had surgery six weeks ago and I am finally getting back to where I can walk for short distances I can do about a mile now but I seem to want to make excuses why I should not go, to cold, to windy, it might snow etc. I put on 5 pounds since the second week of January, it does not sound like a lot but when your 5'1 you can tell. I promise myself every night when I go to bed I will do much better tomorrow when I do slip up I get upset with myself but then I write it in my tracker and compensate my eating through out the day. If I can get back to walking my eight miles a day things would be looking good. One day at a time, make a few changes and it will come together. Just have to remember this is a journey and on every journey you have bumps in the road and if you fall get back up and start again.

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3/18/14 8:38 A

It's hard to keep on track when you are working because you have to learn new habits, and you're just so busy! What kept me on track for the last 7 years is my health and knowing how hard it is to get back on track.

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3/18/14 8:38 A

I try not to have an all or nothing attitude. If I do 10 minutes great! Then I try to add another 10 later. My focus has not been on being perfect or beating myself up and I find I do better...HTH.

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3/18/14 8:31 A

Like so many have said - one day at a time. Start slow and build up and always remember why this is important to you!

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3/18/14 8:21 A

I could have written your original post, Oakdale. I've been up and down for the past 2 years. Last September, I was mortified to have to ask for a seatbelt extender on a plane trip to celebrate my birthday with my parents. I decided to get back to healthy eating and exercising, and I lost 14 pounds in 7 weeks and felt great by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. I maintained through the holidays, and then I got a promotion... and a lot more responsibility at work! I've been working long hours and haven't been exercising. But what's worse is that I've chosen to eat unhealthy foods, knowing full well that the end result would be gaining weight and feeling yucky. Sure enough, that's what has happened. I'm trying hard not to beat myself up - each day is a new day, and I'm doing the best I can in this moment.

So here's to us all not beating ourselves up and doing the best that we can in this moment!

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3/18/14 8:13 A


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3/18/14 12:12 A

Oakdale I will tell you what happened to me. I was an ultra distance cyclist. Prostate Cancer came along and it was 2 years till I had my energy back. Last summer I had a belly button hernia repair. Last fall I started riding my bike again and the feeling came back. Over the cold winter months I planned what I wanted to do racing this year. I had gained 20 lbs. over any weight I had weighed before. I joined Planet Fitness and lost 20 lbs. so far in 2 months. I'm lucky as that is a great success story. For yours to be successful this time maybe you need to do a few different things so exercise becomes a fun thing and you will never want to give it up again.

Maybe go hiking on a trail
maybe kayaak on a lake
maybe go tent camping where you can go enjoy the outdoors slow down some and detox you r body.

The list could go on and on with things you can enjoy in the outdoors. If you get started this spring, then carry it over into the summer by next winter you won't want to quit.

I had a season pass to go skiing this year. We had one of the best years ever to go skiing but I didn't go as Colorado and Vermont have spoiled me and the skiing here in Pa. That doesn't mean I didn't have fun this winter. I snow shoe for 2 hrs. once with my golden and had lots of walks over the winter and was dressed so warm with layers I was sweated up more when I came in than I ever would have been with a gym workout.

Whatever you decide to do don't be afraid to push your limit at times and the journey you take and the excitement will keep you going.

Good luck on your journey.

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3/17/14 11:19 P

I was on, what I am referring to as a 6month hiatus. Returning to SP was the easy part. Buckling down and doing the work needed is a whole different story. Thankfully, I only regained 5 of the pounds I had lost so I didn't have to much to 'do-over'. However, I lost most of my drive, determination and motivation.

I started slowly, just logging in a few days a week (now it's daily). I would read the articles and occasionally post. Then I decided to commit to a 10minute daily work-out. I am still doing 10 minutes on several days per week. But I've had other days where I've gone up to 35-40 minutes.

I think the turning point for me was when I said what everyone else says "I do not want to be like this anymore" and then decided to commit to 10 minutes of exercise per day. Think about it, 10 minutes is nothing. That's a short walk with the dog or a walk to our mailbox.

Other little tricks are the easy things--park further away from the stores or work. When I'm parked in a parking structure for work, I walk down the levels using the ramps. I also walk back up. I'd use the stairs--except I have about 30lbs of equipment I travel with (a rolling cart that has a laptop and printer, lunch, water, sweater, etc). Not to long ago, I parked on the 6th floor of the structure and walked the ramps. I was able to get 20 minutes of exercise in doing this.

Start slowly and with simple things so you get the hang of it again. They say it takes 21-30 days for something to become a habit. So during that first month---just take baby steps.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

BETSEY_T Posts: 165
3/17/14 7:09 P

I have been there many times. And I decided that this time had to be different. I tell myself I WILL exercise. I don't always eat like I should, but as long as I keep up the workouts, the weight will slowly come off. Sometimes if I don't feel like doing a workout, I just put on my shoes. Once I do that, I'm ready to go.

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3/17/14 5:54 P

I think one thing you may find is that even though it feels like you lost everything you worked for, it's never as hard to get back as it was to get it the first time (within reason! A 3 month break is way different from a 3 year break, for example). Just try to keep that in mind and try not get discouraged.

TER_BEAR1962 Posts: 324
3/17/14 11:24 A

I, too, will be starting back up with exercise soon after a three-month hiatus, only mine was due to an injury. Good for you for making the first step -- WANTING to get back on the wagon and staying there!

There are lots of great tips in this thread. Sparkers are very wise people! So, jump back on the wagon, and before the next busy/dismal winter/ blah season rolls around, have a plan in place. Maybe that will be the time to try out a new, indoor, class? If you find yourself planted in front of the tv (like me), use commercials as exercise timers. For this commercial I'll jog place, then squats, then push-ups (or wall push-ups, depending on your ability). Anything that gets you moving will help.

We used to have a sign in our gym that basically said, If you don't want to keep starting over, don't quit in the first place!

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
3/17/14 11:17 A

Yes, this is definitely a place for healthy living support!

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
3/17/14 8:18 A

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. The support here is wonderful!

3/17/14 5:28 A

SparkCoach directed me to this site today and it is just what I needed. What caring advice and wise Sparklers! I have had one great day since getting serious again. I read well into the thread and I appreciate all the wonderful encouragement, ideas and support. I'm making it a favorite and a go-to haven and resource. Thanks to you all!

FITVENTI Posts: 52
3/17/14 4:01 A

I'm right there with you, but I read a success story today that had a message that stuck out. Treat exercise like it's your job- you don't need motivation to go to work everyday. You just do it because you have to. That's what I'm going to think from here on out, even when it's wet and cold out. Adapt and get the work done! I don't want to get fired!

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3/16/14 10:51 P

The way I'm able to stick to to realize that this is how I should have been eating all along. Junk food really is just that...JUNK. And food is fuel for the body, so make sure it's quality fuel:) Reading labels and seeing what is actually in processed foods make me wonder why I was even eating it in the first place. If there is no real nutrition there, then why am I ingesting it for my body to process?

JENBYS Posts: 39
3/16/14 9:37 P

Ouuu that is really tough. I'm bad about flying from one extreme to the other, I'm either doing everything right or nothing right. So I have had to start over many times. First off, don't beat yourself up over it, 3 months isn't horrible - especially during the cold months and holiday times. It's tough for many people to stay on top of their fitness regiment.

Second look forward to being back where you were, it will happen faster than you imagine. In 6-8 weeks, which will pass by before you know it, you'll probably be pretty much back up to to your previous fitness level.

And third, just keep on top of it, do something everyday towards your goals. For me, I have to go to the gym almost everyday. Even 2 days in a row off will make me want to take a week off and then a month off, etc.

Also some people suggested buying a pedometer - I second that piece of advice. I bought a fitbit about a year ago and I'm still completely obsessed with it. I like being able to compete with my husband and my friends back home (I live in Japan). Trying to meet my step goals inspires me to take the stairs, the longer route etc, it's more of a game. Plus you can do it anywhere, I've spent many evenings pacing the living room while my husband and I watch TV so I can meet my goal for the day. Just getting those 10,000 steps in everyday is a really great accomplishment. Good luck! And good for you for being back on the wagon!

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3/16/14 9:33 P

The first step is that your back, I like what VWmommy said..what is worse then starting over is not starting over....I have been on this journey before and know it works when you stop doing what works your going to gain the weight back. So starting over it is.., we put it on one cookie at a time so it is only going to come off one cookie at a time , one healthy choice leads to another. Good luck WE can do this!!!

ZURICHMAN SparkPoints: (1,775)
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3/16/14 8:42 P

They say if you do something 14 or 17 times in a row it becomes a habit. Try that 1st.and then do some type of exercise you really love. Reward yourself every so often when you reach a goal or a milestone. I stopped at McDonalds the other night and had a hot fudge Sundae for my reward. Before this weight loss I eat almost anything I wanted except fast food because I was exercising. This time I'm doing a complete turn around and eating a clean healthy diet along with exercise and I'm seeing a dramatic result over 2 months like losing 20 lbs. and 2 inches off my waist.

Just remember it's a lifestyle choice or change and as long as you are moving foward instead of backwards, it's all good.

Good luck on your journey.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
3/16/14 7:21 P

A few ideas for staying on track:

* try to commit to working out every day, even if it is just for 10 minutes
* try to work out at the same time each day - this helps make it part of your routine, rather than something you need to get specifically motivated for. Setting electronic reminders can help
* put up a chart on the fridge saying "Oakdale's workouts this month" and tick off each day you work out. A little bit of 'public' accountability like this can help.
* Try to find someone to work out with - it is harder to put things off if you know someone is expecting you.
* Develop some "go to" workouts for indoors (eg. exercise videos, step-ups, bodyweight strength training) - that way bad weather will not derail your workouts.
* Set a specific goal, whether it is a 5K race in a few months, cutting 3 minutes off your 5K time, extending your distance, etc. It is much more motivating to be working towards a specific goal, than just a vague "go for a jog".

Not all of these ideas may work for you, but hopefully some of them will be of some benefit.


MSBOOTCAMP SparkPoints: (124,740)
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3/16/14 5:41 P

Take it one day at a time!

Do you know anyone else (from your real life) who uses SparkPeople regularly? Someone who can keep you company for at least some of your workouts and tracking; someone who can help you stay motivated and accountable?

Keeping in touch with other members on Spark teams also might help. Doing this helped me make it through the winter and survive a slump.

The main thing, YOU ARE BACK!! You're doing the right thing! Now, get busy tracking, reading SP articles, and reaching out on SP, and make some fitness fun. emoticon emoticon

3/16/14 4:53 P

What you need to do depends on what trips you up.

You need to know why you fell off the wagon.

If it is the weather, you need an indoor alternative strategy planned ahead of time.

If it is being too busy, you need some shorter workout strategies or things like resistance bands and an under the desk cycle.

If it is emotional or seasonal affective disorder, you need to make sure you get enough Vitamin D and find some "soothing stress buster" types of work outs for when you aren't up to the high intensity ones because of stress at work. Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds is better than sitting down. So is the chair cardio from Sparkpeople.

Honestly, I stopped because of weather and being tired, too.

Now, I revise my workouts. There are 10 minute videos on this site and on Youtube and things like resistance bands that I can bring to work and do on 10 minute breaks.

I guess I would have a motto: Anything, except stopping completely.

Shorten the time if you don't have it, lessen the intensity if you are sore or stressed out.
If you get bored, change what you do.

"Just don't stop completely" has to be your self-talk. That is what I learned about myself. When I stop completely, I don't start back up again for a long, long time and that is a bad thing.

I have learned that if I am sedentary, it will feel like "I hate exercise" but when I start exercising, I will love it again in 3 weeks, but will probably feel like a failure the first week. That is my pattern. I used to let weather stop me, but now I have a secondary indoor routine.

Starting, and learning to give myself grace the first few weeks is the most important parts for me - not backing up all the way to sedentary is the third thing.

DMS1946 Posts: 722
3/16/14 4:25 P

It is so easy to indict ourselves when we get off our program. It is also very non productive. Instead try turning off that internal voice telling you how "awful" you are for getting off your program and focus on endorsing yourself for having the courage to try again. We all fall off our program from time to time. What counts is that we don't give up.

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
3/16/14 10:05 A

One day - and if necessary, one moment - at a time. A simple strategy, but it worked for me.

SANDRAPSKI SparkPoints: (28,461)
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3/16/14 9:44 A

Life happens whether you're dieting and exercising or not. We all get colds, have crappy weather, busy work times, or, and my personal favorite, the universe conspires to drop as much on my shoulders as possible when I'm already feeling at my limits. Darn it, I deserve that piece of chocolate (cookie, cake, ice cream, extra large whatever, you know what I mean).

So maybe we just accept that everything is not going to go according to our workout plan and adopt behaviors and attitudes that help us maintain ourselves as best we can when we're going through a tough time (for whatever reason).

Wearing a pedometer can help. Steps are steps. If you can't fit in an hour to jog, you can fit in an extra fifty steps here and there through out the day. You know the "tricks," park further away from destination, extra trips up and down the stairs, walk around the house before and after every trip to the kitchen. It's mainly a reminder to move. Fit in fitness throughout the day-ten squats while waiting for the microwave or on a conference call (hit the mute button first!). Ironically you may end up jogging more just because the competitive part of your brain figures out you can get more steps by jogging--hey, whatever works!

Sometimes we don't eat according to our plan. Oops. One meal is just one meal. I focus on remembering that. So the next meal or snack will be closer to my goal of eating reasonably healthy. Blowing a meal or a day or a week is not an excuse to continue down that path. As soon as I notice, I focus on the next thing that goes in my mouth. Baby steps.

Just because we haven't succeeded at something doesn't mean we've failed. We just haven't succeeded yet!

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3/15/14 10:40 P

One thing that really helped me "stay on the wagon" was to find someone who was willing to help me stick to it. We texted, called each other, wrote messages, and just basically kept on each other to work out. I completed the program I was working out with, and then went on to do another and another. I lost over 10 inches and have kept it off! I slip from time to time and have some chocolate or some treat that sets me back, but then I set a start date and begin again. I have found that by forgiving myself the little mess-ups, I have been able to jump back in more easily. So I don't expect perfection anymore. I know I will fall and that's long as I get right back to it. I used to have huge gaps between when I exercised and when I didn't. Now, I only have a day or two where I'm "not so good" and then, boom, right back at it. Strive for progress, not perfection. If you want a "buddy" let me know, I'd be glad to help!

3/15/14 9:30 P

I took 3 months off last fall. I was incredibly busy, and basically, tired of dieting. I kept exercising, although sporadically, but I wanted to go through the holidays and not have to worry about what I ate. I gained around 25 pounds from my lowest weight last June. I can't really say I even enjoyed it. I was anxious and kept flogging myself for failing, but just had to have that next piece of fudge......

Take the long view. You're back here. Three months is not a lifetime. Remember how good it feels to get in shape and get going. The only people who really fail at the pursuit of good health are the people who stop trying.

3/15/14 9:13 P

make spark people your homepage on all devices so it is the first thing you see when you get online.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/15/14 6:55 P

it's about putting exercise in your life on purpose. I set my alarm to go off at 5:00 a.m. so I can put exercise in my life. I get it done and out of the way. Find ways to do that. Park farthest away from the store and walk in. Take the stairs when you can. Find a friend to go walking with. do workout dvd's at home.......u can do this.

49ADAMS Posts: 412
3/15/14 6:12 P

It has been longer than 3 months for me, I stopped doing all of my excercies last August 2013 when we had company come for the summer. it was nice to have company but it took a toll on my weight loss after losing 16 pounds I gained that back plus more I am at 207 pounds now I am trying to stick with the weight loss from now on until I get down to my goal weight. I have started walking my dogs one at time, I have 3 of them I try to walk 3 miles a day to start out . not to over do it plus other floor excersices that I have from the Spark Peoples web site I also have other magazines i find excersices to do also I try to change them up so my muscles don't get to use to one all the time. just do it.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
3/15/14 4:56 P

Reward yourself in some non-food way for every day that you have some physical exercise!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,106)
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3/15/14 4:10 P


If you haven't been exercising for a while, don't try to do too much too soon or you will end up fatigued, injured or burned out. Slowly ease into a routine so that your exercise will become just that, a routine.

Don't try running every day even if that was something you did 3-4 months ago. Instead, why not run 1-2 times per week and take a nice long walk for the other days. Walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise and a get way to ease back into a regular routine. Your strength and endurance will return, but you have to give your body time to adapt again.

Take baby steps literally and figuratively. If you slow do this, you have a better chance of sticking to a routine. What tends to happen is people are gung ho ? When their bodies don't respond as fast as they want... They get frustrated with their body, they end up injured and they get burned out. And that's not good.

In order to be healthy for our entire lives, we need to find a way to be active for our entire life.

DMS1946 Posts: 722
3/15/14 4:07 P

It is true life can sometimes slow us down. It happens to the best of us. But hey, it is one thing to slow down and another thing to quit altogether. You have chosen to hang in there. Way to go. emoticon

3/15/14 1:49 P

I don't expect to be consistent with exercise. Life will always be putting speed bumps in my path. When they happen sometimes it is hard and we stop exercising and food happens. When I have a difficult time, I try to assess and figure out what is causing the problem and resolve it if I can. Sometimes life doesn't allow me to make that healthy choice. For example, if a family member needs me I'll be there even if it means no exercise. That's just the way it is. I want to be resilient by being aware, flexible and mindful but without the negativity that we used to associate with awareness. You haven't exercised in a while because life happened. You know exercise will be difficult at first now that you are resuming exercise. It will get better. Reframe your thinking to the positive. It will be easier this time because you KNOW you can do this. You remember how good it felt to be fit. You want to be fit and healthy so you gotta pay the toll. Find positive ways to look at this challenge. It's like shock absorbers for the journey. You're still a work in progress.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,795)
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3/15/14 11:39 A

I have always remembered how much it sucked at the beginning, and that fear has kept me consistent.

FATPETE5 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/15/14 11:07 A

Good message. It's hard to do it all again. Food is an addiction and while you must have goals the best is day to day.

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
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3/15/14 11:02 A

While it is always hard to "start over", the only thing that is worse than starting over is NOT starting over! You have been here before and know the enjoyment of seeing progress as well the negatives of feeling like you have "fallen behind". Use these memories to keep you going.

Also, don't forget that most of the process of losing weight is through diet, not exercise. I think the quote I have seen around here is something along the lines of "You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet". So, while staying active is important, not being as active as you would like isn't a death sentence for your entire healthy living plan. Just get up dust yourself off and start fresh!


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3/15/14 9:53 A

I was making progress and sticking with it until I got really busy at work and the weather got bad in the middle of December. Yesterday I got out for a jog. First time in three months. I feel like everything I worked so hard for before is gone. I am back to square one. This time how do I help myself not fall off the exercise wagon?

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