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5/31/13 8:23 A has just about every idea ever made, even if you don't use their box. i love my thermos funtainer [10 oz and keeps things hot or cold for 5 hours and when i have to eat lunch late, i'll put my yogurt in it, add frozen berries and it's too frozen to eat for 5-6 hours]. having a well insulated lunch tote and cold packs are going to be your best bet.
plan your meals by doing more lunchlike things [pbj] for dinner and going fresher and perishable for lunch [since it won't sit as long]. so yogurt or cheese might be a lunch item, but a snack of carrots would be fine with dinner.
also, look to what shelf stable things you can find. cup of soup has come a long way, particularly the dr macdougall's, nile and health valley brands. they have lentil curry, potato and leek, black bean [13 g of fiber in that cup of soup!], miso and several others. all you need is hot water, which should be available anywhere with coffee. thai kitchen and simply asia also make noodle carts and other add water and microwave things.
speaking of microwaves, see if your school has some sort of off campus student lounge. mine did and there were couches and a mini kitchen like all the dorms had. so you had hot water, a fridge and freezer and space to do a little prep and cleanup. if you have access to one of these places that would open up a lot more options for you.

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Get yourself a small lunchbox size Coleman cooler then you can pack most anything, I used to leave mine in the car along with some ice cubes on the bottom...stayed cold for hours and hours....there is also a cup size cooler for hot soups, stews, or chili...take along some berries to give you energy.....or cherries, apricots, pears, peaches, plums....

Some ideas....A part-skim 1-ounce mozzarella cheese stick for calcium
Turkey made into rolls, celery sticks with reduced fat cream cheese, or Laughing Cow Cheese wedges or Deli roast beef...3 slices around 150 calories

15 baby carrots with 2 tablespoons light ranch dressing, Meatballs

A handful of Walnuts which are a great source of omega 3's. or a handful of pumpkin seeds
cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, cottage cheese with fruit added, Cherries are a low-carb, 3 graham Crackers are around 15 carbs...good with nut butters.

Black olives are a great source of vitamin E and healthy fat, stuff the Olive with reduced fat cream cheese, or Laughing Cow Cheese

Cut cheddar cheese pieces and in a separate bag or small container provide crackers or apple slices.

Include a small bag of popcorn which ranks as a high-protein food, sprinkle with parm or romano which has protein or cinnamon to flavor.

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5/31/13 1:04 A

I have decided to go back to school and wanted to start packing some healthy lunches. I am mostly looking for ideas on how to pack both a lunch and dinner since I will be in school from 10:30am - 9pm... I am worried about food going bad as I probably can't carry a dinner around that I will probably be eating after 8 - 9 hours.

Need some ideas of foods that are healthy to eat that I can eat after and extended period of time and maybe even some products that will help keep food good for the long haul. The other idea I have is probably just packing a lunch and picking up a subway sandwich for dinner since there is one right across from campus.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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