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2/2/13 9:29 A

Welcome back to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

2/1/13 12:09 P

Thanks for the welcome, NStar. Yes, I've already found the Virgin Diet group here on Spark People and there's great advice and recipes there which should make it easier to do the elimination phase. Once I know my sensitivities, if any (I suspect dairy and sugar, primarily), then I can do slow and sustainable . But I sure won't mind if I get a boost in the right direction by some faster weight loss at the beginning, even though that's not the main reason for my doing the Virgin thing.

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2/1/13 10:05 A

Welcome back to the mainstream of Spark People. I gotta admit, those diet plans sound challenging. My approach is the slow, gradual, sustainable plan, one I know I can live with for the rest of my life. I don't seem to have many real food sensitivities so I don't worry about that. For me, never quitting has become an important key - in the past I would go "on" and "off" diets with long periods of regaining before I became desperate and "tried again". This time, I may not be perfect, I may lapse for a brief time, but I am back with a sane eating plan quickly and there is no quitting. And exercise, which used to be a dirty word, has helped me regain physical function. I love the support here. You ought to be able to find a couple Teams for support around the plans you are using. Spark ON!

2/1/13 9:55 A

I've been an inactive member for quite a while. But now I'm getting ready to start again with a health-and-weight-loss regimen. I plan to do the Virgin Diet elimination program for 21 days and then use it to see what food sensitivities I may have. I'm also liking the Gabriel Method approach to losing weight and think the two things will work well together. Both have the eventual outcome of getting me to eat whole, unprocessed natural foods. The Virgin Diet will let me know if I need to restrict gluten, dairy or some other food groups. I'm excited! I have over 50 pounds to release.

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