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12/3/12 10:14 A

I agree with ARCHIMEDESII. Enjoy the party and don't worry so much about staying on track. You will watch things because you have a plan in mind but know that you can enjoy yourself at the same time. Water between drinks is always a good idea! You will do fine.


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11/30/12 3:48 P


One over indulgent bachelorette party WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. As long as you are mindful of what you eat and drink (watch those cocktails), there is absolutely no reason you can't enjoy yourself.

Good health isn't about will power or self control. That's a myth. You are not a bad person or an unhealthy one if you over indulge. It's just ONE DAY. as long as this doesn't happen every single day, don't worry !!

Try to be mindful, but if you aren't too mindful, like I said... that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. There are 365 days in a year. If you eat right most of those days, you're going to be ahead of the game.

My advice ? Enjoy the party. But, if you're going to watch anything, watch those cocktails because mixed drinks add up fast. Also, the more we drink, the more likely we won't be too mindful of what we eat. So, if you're going to say no to anything, say no to excess alcohol. Drink slowly. nurse those drinks so that people don't feel a need to refill that glass.

Remember, you can always have a mineral water with a twist of lime or lemon.

Try not to worry, just enjoy the party. The next day you return to your normal habits. that's all.

Have fun ! But not too much fun. ;)

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11/30/12 3:44 P

A glass of water between every drink (also keeps you from becoming the really drunk chick at the party)
A drink of water between bites and put your fork/spoon down after every bite or wipe you hands off if it's finger food
Order the best you can and share
If you are sharing apps or a meal use a small plate and limit it to one or two
If you get wings and they are served with celery, have as many sticks of celery as you have wings
Avoid or limit juice and mixers they are loaded with sugar
Most of all have fun! I had a blast at mine this summer and the best part was just being with my girls!

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11/30/12 3:36 P

Maybe I'm no help, then. I think it's OKAY to indulge SOMETIMES, just so long as you know not to make a habit out of it. Life happens, and sometimes celebrations and not being a stickler is called for. It's when you let it get out of hand(see my ticker) is when it presents a problem.
If you really do not want to indulge, set a time where you have to get home because you "have something to do in the morning." If they ask what, it's just something that you need to do. They don't have to know that you intend to sleep in after staying up to watch a few reruns of "House" or something. Allow yourself to have no more than three drinks, and aim for solely healthy snacks. If no healthy snacks are offered, only get one or two-three at the most. After each drink, drink a glass of ice water. Don't go to the party on an empty stomach. HAVE dinner before you go. Most importantly, allow yourself to have some fun.

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11/30/12 3:02 P

I have a bachelorette party with old friends most of whom I haven't seen for at least a year. I'm sure it will be lots of fun, but it will also be old habits (too much food and drink) all around me. I know I have the will power to overcome, but I just need some graceful suggestions to get out of over indulging in everything or maybe some words to remind myself that I don't want to overindulge. Plus, a couple of exit strategies for turning in early would be appreciated too.

I know I'm old enough to make my own decisions and just say no or leave when I want to, but it's not always that easy when you're dealing with the past. :) Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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