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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/16/12 9:52 A

I eat low carb, because the foods you ate cause me to binge constantly. Obviously, you aren't going to eat low carb, but a lesson you could take from it, is to eat a high fat, low carb snack, when feeling cravings,

A HB egg, or a 1/4 cup of nuts will help. Most carb foods have a lot of salt, or sugar added, which make nutritious food , not as healthy, but mostly make you want more of it, which is your current problem. even adding some fat/protein to your meals would be a help, but if you eat carbs mostly, just have a higher fat snack ready for when you feel a binge day coming on. If you fail, don't go for a whole day either, just try to limit it to one meal.

Hope that helps.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (79,204)
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12/16/12 5:31 A

When it happens due to physical reasons, it is good for you. For example, if you train very hard consistently, while trying to remain within your daily caloric range, at some point your body will just need food badly to repair all the damage and to get stronger in response to the exercise; the deficient caloric intake won't be enough.

When it happens due to psychological reasons, whether it is bad or not depends on how frequently it happens; it should not happen more frequently than once every 3 to 4 weeks, or it can sabotage your fat loss efforts.

DIANAS SparkPoints: (16,518)
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12/15/12 6:31 P

Oh it must be the stress munchies. I used to have it in a really terrible way when I had to study for my exams..
My tips eating-wise:
*keep water around ALL the time. I love to add some ice, it's refreshing and helps to clear my head and calm me down
*drink lots of tea. Tea is better than coffee, because it's hydrating and it doesn't lower blood sugar. It still keeps you awake and helps with the craving
*prepare veggie snacks. I used to slice lots of broccoli and carrots into a huge bowl and keep it in the fridge. I kept the smaller bowl with snacks on my study desk

*do 10-15 min naps
*I loved to do rigorous exercise. For example super-fast jumping-jacks or 15 minutes kickbox routine, really pushing it. It helps to get rid of that emotional garbage and anxiety before the exams
*have a hot-cold shower. Again, it's refreshing and energizing you just feel a lot better after...

*make a short plan about how many topics/pages you should study each day and stick to it
*I really loved my markers, it made studying more fun. I also used different methods, like saying things out loud, writing some stuff out, using flashcards etc. It's a lot better than just reading new material all the time.
*just do it

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (82,009)
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12/15/12 5:50 P

If it helps at all, just remember how that binge made you feel, how you felt sick to your stomach, and it may prevent any future binges from happening.

KAR333 SparkPoints: (22)
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12/15/12 5:33 P

drank a lot of water today, im still sick in bed this is 2nd day not avoiding carbs!!!!!! Espcially that Im home and Im getting babied by my family its not helping :( *then finals* please tell me some of your motiviation..normally I have more willpower than this

KAR333 SparkPoints: (22)
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Posts: 6
12/15/12 5:31 P

i'd agree with you..I ended up....throwing some of it up..sorry TMI...but Im sick and plus my stomach was wayyy tooo full

DIANAS SparkPoints: (16,518)
Fitness Minutes: (19,721)
Posts: 396
12/15/12 5:26 P

I had a binge too today. What helps me: take a long walk and do some stretches, it kind of helps digestion. Drink more water after the binge and the next day too. I also like to dive into the fitness&health articles or look at my fitness diaries to make me feel better :P
The most important thing is just to stay on track the next day.

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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12/15/12 4:39 A

Hi KAR333

Your fiber intake was possibly too high for the day

Kashi GoLean is 10g per serving (according to website)
Wheat bread 2g per slice

KAR333 SparkPoints: (22)
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12/15/12 1:23 A

I usually go tot he gym, but I had surgery yesterday :( So I am actually not allowed to go to the gym today and have to avoid high impact exercise (that blows) so I am officially sedentary for the day...:(

NLEVY12 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/15/12 12:53 A

I have the same issue during finals week. I try to set aside an hour or an hour and half to go to the gym to release some of that built up stress.

KAR333 SparkPoints: (22)
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Posts: 6
12/14/12 11:49 P

thankss makes me feel better but my stomach is upset!

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
12/14/12 10:29 P

Well the stuff you're eating isn't really crap, so I think it's ok. Yes it's more calories, but jumping around with calories (a high day and then a lower day) can actually keep your metabolism burning so that you continue to lose... but it's a balance of how much you eat and how often you indulge. I think you'll end up on top again with this one. May take a few days but no real harm done. Try and get some sleep, finals are tough.

KAR333 SparkPoints: (22)
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Posts: 6
12/14/12 9:55 P

So I ate a lot today..wayyyy more than usual. It is finals week and I have a problem. Additonally Im sick so that means limited activity. Only thing is I had a cheat day with healthy food haha but the calories are added up and my stomach feels about to explode. For example, this morning blueberries and strawberries and 1 cup of Kashi go Lean, lunch 2 cups of Kashi Go Lean, blue berries and strawberries, a slice of cheese, 2 slices of 98% gluten free turkey and four slices of wheat bread...the bad part came at nighttime. I slept and awoke and I binged. I had another cup of blueeberries. two cans of healthy life chicken soup. 4 slices of 100% wheat bread, pecans, some prunes and another cup of kashi go lean :/

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