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MYGOALS17 Posts: 6
5/31/12 9:55 P

omg yeah i have problems binging too especially at night. i have a goal to loose some weight too maybe about 20 pounds :/

SABZ77 Posts: 3
5/24/12 9:24 P

I will be your weight loss buddy! I have a very hard time staying away from snack foods and also I work and go to school so its hard to fit excercising in my schedule. I would love to have someone else to help motivate me :))

COACH_TANYA Posts: 3,815
5/15/12 11:18 A

SparkPeople's Mind Over Body plan is designed to give you the tools you need to identify, work through, and overcome the most common emotional and mental (attitude) problems that people face when they set out to change their lifestyles.

Skipping meals can be a binge trigger so be sure to include regular meals and an evening snack to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Coach Tanya

5/9/12 8:19 P

i am a toatal binge eater i starve all day and i binge all night lol the thing is i know what i should be eating but i dont know how lol i also know that that is the source of all my weight problems snacking is my enemy i need someone who is will to buddy up with me and we can talk and moivate each other and give advice to each other because i am done being FAT i want to look good and feel confident :D

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