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5/23/13 7:33 A

I agree with what has already been said. Seeing your doctor would be the best thing to because you don't want to make it worse and they should be able to help you figure out the cause and help you fix it and take care of it. In the meantime, RICE, is also a good idea. Pushing through the pain can cause more trouble than its worth.

Whatever it is, I hope it heals quickly!

Coach Denise

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5/22/13 11:44 P

I'm not a runner...nor do I know much about knees (other than my particular problem, which is not the same as yours!)... Your doctor will be the best one to advise you on that! But you can certainly ice it until you can get in to see them!!

"RICE" is the old standby: rest, ice, compression, elevation. Not knowing if compression is a good idea, I'd stay away from that until you discuss it with a medical person., but the Ice, Rest and Elevation are definitely within the realm of home care. Other than that, no one here should really advise you on this....

Hope your doctor can see you ASAP! :) And that you recover well from this. (Don't worry about the 5K...if you can't do this one, there are Always more!!) Better to get properly healed.

PS Welcome to Spark People!! Its a wonderful site much good information, lots of advice from experts (not just folks like me--but, real, educated ones!!), and a really supportive community. May your journey to a healthier life be a good one!

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5/22/13 11:23 P

Hey y'all!
I just joined sparkpeople yesterday and today was my official workout to start things off. I have a 5km race in a month and so far I am able to run about 2k no problem. A few days ago I noticed some aggravation in my right knee whenever I would walk up the stairs. Tonight while I headed out for my run, I walked a few blocks to warm up and began jogging. I didn't even jog half a km! I started to notice pain at the top inside of my right knee and decided to walk the rest of the 2k. I was about 1.5km in and then my left knee started feeling really tight and because both legs felt uncomfortable, I ended up hobbling home. Do any of you have any advice to fix this? (i.e. stretches, etc.) Should I ice the area?

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