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SUPERSAY Posts: 22
1/30/13 8:53 P

Sounds really good work and a break through for your goals emoticon .

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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1/30/13 6:42 P

YAY! And Happy Birthday!!

Eating clean makes your body feel SO good!! :) Keep up the great work!

PATWALKS Posts: 225
1/30/13 9:30 A

Happy Birthday! emoticon

1/30/13 9:14 A

I've finally found a reasonable, satisfying, healthy way to eat that is sustainable over the long term. I've lost 5lbs since 1/19 by restricting simple carbohydrates and counting calories. I'm aiming to consume less than 100g of complex carbs per day and 60-90g of vegetarian protein. It's WORKING. The refined sugar and grains are mostly gone from my diet, and I'm not having sugar cravings or crashes anymore. 5lbs may not be much in the scheme of things, but figuring out what works for my body is a huge deal for me.

My birthday is this week. While I don't do much to celebrate (after 30 it's not that exciting, haha), this is the best birthday gift I've ever given myself. Just had to share!

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