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1/17/14 4:23 P

Wow, It sounds like you are both doing great. Congratulations. It always feels good to know you have "done good".

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1/17/14 12:33 P

Thank you for your response to my update. I no longer work at that office but is did start something that is still in effect 10 years later. I have gotton to 186. The other girl is long gone, but ms Christa has lost a whopping 100 lbs. We still keep in touch and meet at the gym when lives allow. We are always sharing ideas how to make changes. Its the only way to continue our program. She has kids, I don't Both different life styles has its benefits and downfalls. We encourage each other to stay on track.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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1/17/14 12:25 P

Thanks for clarifying Tina! I knew there had to be more to the back story. You have shared a great success story about how a group of people working together can make their world a bit healthier. Getting everyone in your office to agree to the healthier choices was the only way to make it work.

So, share, how you are able to sustain this? How long has it been and are people still happy and cooperative?

My office is horrible with food. Everyday there are leftovers from meetings...cookies, bagels, cheese plates etc.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
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1/17/14 11:16 A

Let me update some info about the office WE cleaned up. First of all it was a mutual decision by all employees. We all voted what we could all do to get healthier. I myself was 240, the obese girl was 350 and the third girl was soaking wet (and 19;yold) 100 lbs. We discussed these changes and made other healthier changes all the way around. We encouraged each other in many ways.
As far as the obese she wasn't happy at first, but she did start losing weight and got on board with us. She stated she wouldn't have done this with out our encouragement and changes we made where we spend the majority of our day.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/16/14 10:18 P

Hmm until quite recently, *I* was "the obese girl" in my work area. And I was (and still am) about the only person there that DOES NOT want candy/junk set out throughout the work area and lunch room. Everybody else seems quite content to have bowls of caramel corn and boxes of chocolates and bags of chips, plates of donuts, pans of brownies around at all times.

Maybe she quietly appreciated the removal of all the crap. I know I would have!

RACEWIFE Posts: 760
1/16/14 2:58 P

Agreed, don't think that it was up to the office to decide whether or not this person should go on a diet or not. It's wonderful that you're trying to change your own habits. But agreed, it could have been handled better, both in the office AND on SP.

Pretty much my office RARELY brings in goodies, the office across the way however, bakes, cooks, just looks for a reason to bring in MOUNTAINS of food. I just don't go over there...I don't know how they all manage to maintain their weight...they just have soooooooo much food so often.

1/16/14 1:20 P

I heard (read/felt) so much judgmentalism in between the lines of the OP about the "obese girl". That's kind of sad because it doesn't help you or them. Perhaps she didn't feel included or a more moderate approach would have helped her "get on board". It's good that you modeled sound health practices but I'm thinking a gentler approach would have gone further.

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1/16/14 9:10 A

Great job on the changes you made at the office! It's hard to get people on board with healthier changes. At least you were setting a good example for the obese lady- maybe she will eventually jump on board too.

I used to work at a place where we had a potluck for everything! It was so difficult for me because I work with people from several different countries and they were bringing in these fantastic dishes from their homeland. Thank goodness I have none of those kind of temptations at the job I'm at now.

LISALOOPNER Posts: 1,159
1/16/14 8:32 A

Some great ideas and its great you are all losing weight and getting healthier. I don't really think the comment about the "obese girl" was necessary.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
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1/16/14 7:55 A

I use to be a Front Desk Receptionist at a medical office. I worked with 2 other women. One was obese and had some serious bad food habits, I was also the Office Manager. Me and the other employee decided to make some changes to the eating issues of the office. First thing...we removed the candy bowl from the check in window. Having to deal with drug reps every day, I told them we no longer wanted the big fat bagels and cream cheese platters to please only bring fresh fruit or veggies platters. We also only ordered from restaurants that offered low cal/fat options. The obese girl was not happy but the rest of us started losing weight. We also went directly to the gym or trail after work. Making these small changes made big changes for us as well as the doctors!!

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