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RAINBOWBRIGHTER SparkPoints: (1,801)
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10/20/12 10:22 A

The renovation week with its tell tale munchie, chocolate craving and the time where my motivation is to beat the kids to bed. Cramps advil and an opportunity to cut myself some slack, my goal is to not gain to maintain,to not yell at the kids without reason, to be understanding to my co-workers comes with some restraint. When I am showing restraint and control it is hard to spread that around to every aspect of my life. I am not to hard on myself during this time, simply to stay the same weight is the goal. I add a couple low calorie chocolate covered stuff that is so small that you could put it in your eye and it wouldn't hurt you, a dark chocolate square here and there and a piece of garlic toast, some red meat and as much sleep as my life permits. I try to think of it as my slacker week, and back to business that following, we women are so hard on ourselves that the cutting yourself some slack the comes with our monthly renovations maybe something to look forward to, with the exception of mountains of pimples to contend with.

LRENEAO Posts: 47
10/18/12 11:22 P

I hear where you're coming from. For me, If it's chocolate, it gets eaten. Later, I just try to balance the bad with good behavior.

LMILTON67 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/17/12 11:53 A

Just finished that cycle. Ugh, it's getting worse over the years. Aunt Flow needs to GO AWAY! I'm cranky, bloated, in pain and want to eat all the time. I try to keep fruit and veggies nearby for the snacking, but sometimes it's chocolate or bust.....*sigh*.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/16/12 10:55 A

I am too old to have the PMS problem anymore, but I well remember how miserable I was two days a month for thirty years! Yes, I wanted to overeat, and so I did. The trick was to plan for it since I was so consistent. Also, I was picky about which foods I would choose to binge. For example, I could have all of the fruits and vegetables I wanted - a "free" food in weight watchers. I also allowed myself a "cheat" day and this was the one. I knew I would overeat, so I wouldn't worry about it...for one day out of the month. It is the overall eating and lifestyle choices that make a difference, not just one day.

I had such terrific pain that controlled prescription pain-killers wouldn't touch how miserable I was with relief. Remember it is a season, and this too, shall pass.

SPOOKY_GIRL13 SparkPoints: (11,024)
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10/15/12 3:29 P

Never a fun time...I don't usually have problems with the PMS-munchies, but I definitely feel the fatigue; working out is such a pain during these times. emoticon

Maybe try keeping baggies of healthy snacks around if you are going to munch (nuts and seeds have a pretty decent iron content).

HOLLY228301 Posts: 155
10/15/12 2:47 P

Lotus is right though, i think the "starving" that we feel is due to lack of iron, we need to supplement with either eating more red meats, or liver, or take some good iron supplements... I know my doc reccomend Ferrous Gluconate... I just called the corner pharmacy, and they have some for like $5

KJSIZZLE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/15/12 2:31 P

OMG...I understand 100%! I deal with the same thing every month. In addition to starving during that time...I am completely exhausted! Makes finding the energy to workout soooo difficult!

HOLLY228301 Posts: 155
10/15/12 2:16 P

it sucks because i only ave my cycle once every three months or so, so i REALLY have no clue when it is coming... but your right, i need to take some vitamins.... THANKS!

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,327
10/15/12 1:23 P

I do find that working out helps, but I do tend to eat on the higher side of my range that time as well. I do tend to get slightly anemic so eating iron rich foods before and during seems to help as well! But I get it- that ravenous feeling is one major indicator that that time is coming again!

HOLLY228301 Posts: 155
10/15/12 11:27 A

How do you get past the craving to GORGE yourself when it is that time of the month? Its like i just wanna STUFF MY FACE when i am on the rag.

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