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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,083
6/3/13 7:21 P

It isn't necessary to give up weighing daily - I do weigh daily - BUT it is really important to stop obsessing over every ounce - to the exclusion of everything else. I reached a compromise with myself and have learned not to obsess over the ups and downs.

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6/3/13 3:01 P

Good luck. I also weight myself every day and would not like to give it up.

BENNETR6 Posts: 3
6/3/13 2:25 P

Thanks guys. I have only been doing this a couple of weeks. And yes I am obsessed with the scale. I weight myself every single morning and then feel frustrated because of the flucuation. Again this monring I got on and was up another .8 pounds which in turn put me up 2 lbs for a 0 weight loss for the week. While my clothes just a tad looser, they are definitely not by any means noticably different.

I have decided to change and weigh myself each week instead of each morning, that will be very difficult for me. Yesterday I increased to 1 hour and 20 minutes on the treadmill with intervals or running and incline. We will see as time goes on.

Thanks again for your feedback

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/3/13 8:57 A

I agree with the previous poster. As much as it would be nice for weight loss to be a specific formula (it kind of is) it just doesn't work that way. Yes, if you burn more calories than you take in, you usually lose weight, but so many things can have an effect on the loss. Hormones can make you retain water, so can sodium, etc. That can end up being a LOT of weight.

Like the PP said, I don't know how often you weigh yourself, but I weigh myself monthly (unless part of a team challenge on SP) I use the way my clothes fit and such as my NSV to keep me motivated. I find that I get more disappointed the more I weigh myself, but once a month keeps me okay with things.

In addition, certain movement on your body, especially weight bearing exercise (lifting weights and etc.) can make you muscles retain water for a little while, so you can post a gain on the scale. The water gains are always temporary, but it can and does happen.

Besides, if you are making this a complete lifestyle change, just keep going. You already know it is the healthier thing to do!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 60,083
6/2/13 7:13 P

You may not be doing anything wrong. You don't say how long you have been working this and whether you are weighing daily, weekly, or what. What I can tell you is that weight fluctuates as much as 10 pounds in a single day - it goes up and down and back up and down a lot. One time I weighed myself hourly and found that my weight fluctuated 10 full pounds throughout the day. Having said that, daily weights also go up and down and don't mean a whole lot - it is one reason a lot of experts suggest weekly or even monthly weigh ins instead of daily - at least until you stop obsessing about the scales. There are so many OTHER measures of success that work even better - how your clothes fit, how much easier your workout becomes (as you can do more and more and increase your intensity, time, etc.), how much energy you have, how you sleep, your measurements, etc. On many teams we talk about NSVs - non-scale-victories. These are the things that keep us going as our weight slowly decides when and if it is going to finally leave. Many people find it takes weeks before they start to see weight losses - it DOES take time.

Now, IF YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG - try to switch things up - eat less than normal or more than normal for a few days (at bottom and top of your calorie range), don't do the same exercise routine every day, add something different, get enough sleep (tough to lose unless you are getting the necessary 6-8 hours each night), make sure you are taking time for FUN and RELAXATION as well as working your program. Don't eat too little - slows your metabolism. Don't eat too much - excess stores as fat. Don't overdo the exercises and do give your muscles a chance to rest - try doing strength training on alternate days or upper body one day and lower body the next.

BE PATIENT - weight doesn't really accumulate very fast and it doesn't go away fast either.

BENNETR6 Posts: 3
6/2/13 9:36 A

I started off doing the whole low carb thing and then decided to flip back over to Sparkpeople to make sure that I was eating right and could do this long term. I stay within my numbers and I have been doing an hour on the treadmill everyday, burning at least 300 calories each day. My weight will go down 2 lbs and then back up 1.2 lbs and then back down .2 lbs. I don't understand why when I stay in the ranges and exercise everyday that my weight goes up??? And also all I drink is water with the flavor enhancer in it. Help! What am I doing wrong??

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