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4/21/13 7:28 A

from my time doing Atkins quite a few years ago, I would say that your menu doesn't seem very substantial to me, plus the following:

- half-and-half was not the permitted; it was full fat cream
- the blue cheese dressing - check ingredients; could be full of something you're not expecting
- IMO - too much reliance on artificial sweeteners (which is also IMO a problem with Atkins since they sold out the name to whatever company is now in control of making their products and their plan)

Additionally - are you hungry? You CAN have more vegetables than that, especially lots and lots of greens for a salad, topped with some vinegar or a bit of olive oil, and olives, even

A quick scan seems like you're not getting enough to eat, but I could be wrong.
Too much water, really. Are you continually running to the washroom? I know when I did Atkins I drank too much, too, but I have since learned to decrease that amount to something reasonable (days go when I do drink too much, though).

Try something else in your water, other than artificial anything - lemon, lime, cucumber for instance.

Also - sometimes you won't lose weight, immediately - yes it's disappointing; but a reality. Your body needs time to adjust to things, often. I find I go in phases, where I'll hover around a particular weight for a couple months before it moves again.

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4/20/13 5:45 P

First off...I will state I've never done Atkins...

but is it really their recommendation that you actually drink 200 oz = 6.25 QUARTS of water a day??! I know with a higher protein level, you want to ensure you are adequately hydrated for kidney health. Still, that much water seems excessive unless you are doing a lot of exercise in hot weather. (Spark recommends adding in 8 glasses = 2 quarts a day...!) If your electrolytes get messed up, your whole body metabolism doesn't do well. Perhaps you are "fighting yourself" here!

I hope someone better educated in this topic can advise you. or, better yet, check with your doctor! Good luck on your weight loss journey....

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4/20/13 3:24 P

I suggest to the OP that she visit the Spark Teams that focus on low carb diets to discuss his/her issues. There are some people on SP that are highly critical of low carb diets and many who don't know much about them. I you go to the teams that focus on low-carb eating plans, you'll find people there who are knowledgable about them and who have been successful with them. They are more likely to be able to help you.

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4/20/13 2:07 P

By the way Michellexxxx, the OP said 5 pounds the first week, not in a month. 5 pound weight loss In a week is too much. The maximum would be 2 pounds. I am betting a lot of that was water weight anyway. If it in fact was 5 pounds of fat loss, that is far too much unless the OP is GROSSLY overweight.

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4/20/13 2:03 P

I think you would find that most members here would not encourage the Atkins plan. If you have input your height, weight, and goals into the spark trackers, the nutrition tracker will calculate how many calories you should be eating a day. There is a minimum to maximum range of calories, carbs, protein, and fat. And you of course would be well below any minimum carb range. Carbs are very healthy and the body's preferred form of energy. So especially if you are doing any exercise you need to make sure you are fueling your body adequately. What you are eating are absolutely NOT balanced meals, and besides that, I highly doubt you are eating your minimum calorie intake.

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4/20/13 1:58 P

1. Five lbs in a month is a exactly on target (4-8lbs loss per month)
2. Has your activity level changed?
3. Is there maltodextrin, HFCS, or sugar in your salad dressing?
4. How many ounces of meat per meal?

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4/20/13 12:06 P

I've been on the induction phase for almost 4 weeks. I lost about 5 pounds the first week but by the second week I wasn't losing anything. I am following it to a T and not seeing any results. I thought it was just because of TOM that stopped me but no.

Here is my meal plan:


2 eggs
1tbsp butter
1 slice mild cheddar cheese
1 cup coffee
2 tsp of half and half
2 packets of sweet and low


tuna or chicken
2 cups of salad greens
2 tsp blue cheese dressing

pork skins or boiled eggs


pork chops, chicken, steak, or tilapia
1 cup of acceptable vegetables
a little butter or virgin olive oil

I CANNOT drink water plain so I've been using MIO. before I was using crystal light but I was afraid the aspartame was causing the "stall" But I am drinking about 150-200 oz a day. my water bottle is 50oz. so I put about 7 squirts in the water.

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