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PJANTO Posts: 79
2/15/13 12:31 P

I don't know about the product you are referring to, but I have been adding 2 cups of kale to my smoothies when my fiber or veggie servings are low. It doesn't taste too green. You could try blending with juice. It has really helped boost my calcium intake according to my tracker.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/15/13 12:15 P

Mostly I eat my greens, but at times I do add them in powder form. I use powders from and sometimes garden of life. Be aware that these items taste very green and earthy. I trust these two manufacturers as I know Jordin Ruben (GoL) and have studied with through a friend.

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2/15/13 11:24 A

I don't know anything about this specific product, although I'm always skeptical of claims of miracle-everything pills. There's probably not anything in it that will hurt, at least.

The one thing that does send up a red flag for me is this claim:

"Detoxify and Alkalize Your Body at a Cellular Level"

These are weaselly marketing terms. Your body cannot be detoxified by the things you put in it. You have a perfectly functioning waste removal system already, and your body doesn't need help. Anything that claims to "detox" anything is lying, because there is NO evidence of any kind that you can even detox or cleanse anything. Your body is not a toilet, it can't be flushed.

For me, more is not better. Cramming tons of stuff into one bottle/pill is not quality, and it's definitely not an adequate replacement for the real thing. This would not count as "getting greens", as the stuff in it bears little resemblance or relationship to the original substance. Not to mention, since this is an unapproved supplement, they don't even have to tell you the truth about what's in it nor how much!

Is there any way you can make your own vegetable/fruit smoothies? Seems to me like even if you're traveling, you could pack a small cooler loaded with goodies.

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2/15/13 11:02 A

I've been looking for a way to get more green into my diet and wondered if this would be a good product for my busy lifestyle. I travel a lot and can't always bring along fruits and veggies. Thanks, Sara

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