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I have been tracking on myfitnesspal. But I'm moving back to sparkpeople. (I like it more!). If it helps at this point, I eat clean 80-90% of the time. Fruits/veggies/lean protein. I even cut out all dairy for almost two months (at the advice of my paleo loving sister). I don't feel like I should have to cut out whole food groups though. I don't eat fast or processed food anymore either. I had thyroid test done a few months ago, which came back normal. Perhaps I do need to see a dietician. With the amount of exercise I do, I've been told that I can't cut down my calories, I've actually been trying to increase with the belief that I might not have been eating enough. (Hitting about 16-1700 daily)

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4/16/13 9:44 P

I was watching a NOVA episode (I think) last week about exercise and health. They showed a graph where for some people exercise was extremely effective as a weight loss tool, and for some people exercise did very little as far as weight loss. (There are lots of good reasons for exercise for these people as well as everyone else. It just doesn't help as much for weight loss as it does for other people.)

Maybe you need to tweak your plan so that it is more dependent on diet. That is, you may need to adjust your calorie count down a little bit. If you do talk to a dietician, this might be something worth bringing up.

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Coach Nancy has given you TWO very good pieces of advice - check in with your Dr and check out a Sports Registered Dietitian.

Often there is something medical going on, and a simple blood test can often reveal if that is the culprit. If it is, then you are half way there to dealing with your weight.

Good luck,

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I assume you are doing the majority of your nutrition tracking on MyFitnessPal. I reviewed your shared Nutrition/Fitness Tracker and see you have not been tracking here, so it's difficult to offer advice in that department. My suggestion that if you are doing all that you can and you are not losing weight, it may be time to talk with your doctor to see if there is a medical condition that is responsible for your lack of weight loss. You may also want to see if you can get a referral to a Sports Registered Dietitian for further guidance.

Take Care.

Coach Nancy

4/16/13 5:16 P

Hello everyone. I've been using sparkpeople and/or myfitnesspal for the past five years, ever since I decided to get serious about my health and fitness. Since then I have had two children, 5 and 3 (turns 4 in October). Since I had my youngest, it has been a STRUGGLE to get even relatively close to my pre-baby body and stay there. After I had my son, I weighed 175. Currently I weigh 160! In almost 4 years I have only lost 15 pounds! I absolutely love working out. I love lifting weights, running, and in the past six months I have started doing boxing/mma style workouts with my husband. Before that I tried my hand at Crossfit while I was deployed for six months. I know everyone gets wrapped around the number on the scale, and I admit that I do as well. Not only is my weight loss at a stall, but I have seen only a one inch difference in my waist in the past year. I track my food every day. I stick to a 40% carbs, 30% fat, 30% protein split. I cut out all processed food with the only exception being creamer in my coffee in the mornings. I measure my food, do prep on the weekends to be prepared during the week, and it just feels like all this work, all this effort is for nothing. In the past year, I even went UP a pants size! I'm just to the point and I don't want to try anymore! If anyone has any advice, words of wisdom, please help!

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