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9/21/13 11:00 A

I also have very bad knees and can really only walk about 1 mile at a time. So it's not my main exercise at all. Biking is very good---I have an indoor recumbent bike and also go to a spinning class. Have several dvd's at home and some hand weights. There's lot of things to do that don't pound your knees. Once in awhile I get carried away and go for a 3-4 mile walk. Then I regret it the next day. My hubby says to me "and why do you do that?" Hmmm....don't know. I just have this idea that if I keep trying it will get better. But arthritis gets worse over time and not better, so I have to learn to live with that.

Good luck to you on finding something that works!

MILKYWAY515 Posts: 113
9/21/13 10:59 A

Linda, I read the posts, and noticed that you won't see your doctor until January, and the knee specialist the end of November. That is a long way from now! I have a suggestion, if you don't mind. In 2009, I was in a terrible head on collision, combined speed of 100 mph. My ankles were both broken and my left heel shattered. After 6 months healing in bed non-weight-bearing, I was able to walk again, but with considerable pain. After 2 years, the pain was better. Then, good ole arthritis set in. It is a challenge to walk again. I have found if I walk in a swimming pool, about waist deep, I can go further. I believe it could help you too, if you could find access to a pool. Also, if it were me, I would call the doctor's office and at least talk to the nurse, expressing your desire to walk. They might even recommend pool therapy for you, and perhaps insurance would pick up the cost. Just a thought. Wish you well! emoticon

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9/21/13 9:22 A

I forgot to say "Thank you for your help and advice.

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
9/21/13 9:21 A

I agree with both people who said that I should see my doctor but, unfortunately, I just saw her and am not going to see her again until January. I see the knee surgeon at the end of November. I think I will press on but maybe go for shorter distances more often .

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,544
9/20/13 10:34 A

I agree that you should talk with your doctor to see what he/she can recommend specifically for you. We do have this condition center for Osteoarthritis that offers some suggestions in general for those dealing with arthritis, but again, talking with your doctor would be best:

Coach Denise

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9/19/13 10:34 P

I have a bad knee due to a severe injury at work a few years ago. I love to walk too, but sometimes the knee just isn't going to do it. I've found that shorter walks fewer times a week helps, but I also have found riding a recumbant bike is a little less pressure on my knee, or I do a work out video that has a strong upper body element and only do the legs stuff if my knee is up for it. Sometimes I can, a lot of times I can't.

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9/19/13 9:51 P

I would strongly advise you to consult your doctor. For me, exercise helps my arthritis, but my case is not severe. Only someone familiar with your medical history should advise you on this one, I'm afraid.

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LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
9/19/13 9:35 P

I have arthritis in my knees and am working to lose 20 pounds so I can have a knee replacement. I started walking again this week. I love to walk but after 3 days of walking about 1 mile in 30 minutes for 3 consecutive days my knee pain has increased. Should I keep walking in hopes of it getting better or should I chose an exercise that puts less stress on my knees. The pain is not unbearable but definitely there..

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