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5/29/13 8:38 P

Strength training works by creating microscopic tears in the muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger. But it takes time for this to happen, which is why most experts recommend resting 48 hours between strength training sessions.

So rather than pushups 5 times per week, aim at genuinely challenging pushups (eg. hold the down position for 3 seconds) just 3 times per week.


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5/29/13 3:06 P

Thank you all! It's not really bad and seems to be getting a little better (I do pushups at least 5 times a week.). So maybe I'll start seeing results within a few months. Thanks again!

5/29/13 12:25 P

Since it's not possible to choose where fat is burned from, i would follow a normal, full-body strength training program, without modifying it to target your fatty areas.

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5/29/13 12:07 P

There's a link to a bunch of arm workouts. Even though you can't spot reduce, you can work all of the different areas of your arms (muscles you had no idea you had!)

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
5/29/13 8:28 A

Keep working them seems to work...once stop those flabs return quickly...ugh!!

5/29/13 7:57 A

I agree with M@L. A high quality diet combined with some of these types of exercises will help you achieve your goals.

Push Ups
Chin Ups (assisted or just lowers)
Pull Ups (assisted or just lowers)

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5/29/13 1:07 A

If you have "BATWINGS" really bad, there isn't any exercise that will help, although I recommend using Kettlebells. I know several women on YouTube who had surgery for it and had fantastic results after they had lost all of their weight. One woman paid $3900 for her surgery and her doctor even told her he'd do a breast lift for her along with it since she was already in the surgery, so she got both for that price.

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5/29/13 12:12 A

Burning fat is an all-body process, and unfortunately you can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores. Arm exercises may develop the arm muscles, but will do absolutely nothing about the overlying layer of fat.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training and watching your intake, and some of it will naturally come off the upper arms.


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5/28/13 11:28 P

Does anyone have any good exercise recommendations for upper arms? I want the flab gone since the rest of my arms are starting to tone up.

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